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Burbank City Council speaks out on those lawsuits and investigations

Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Burbank Mayor Gary Bric read a statement at last night’s council meeting. Finally, after weeks and months of mostly silence or as some folks have described it stonewalling, the Burbank City Council spoke out last night about the controversial and very messy situation surrounding the police department. Back on May 13, I wrote a post about the alleged problems in the BPD and called on the city council to not… ” wait until it all explodes into a full blown controversy, but step forward now and explain the situation to residents.” Mayor Gary Bric and city... Read More →

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“Meatballs,” “Surrogates,” and “Fame” win over movie audiences

The family friendly flick, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” continued to shine at movie theaters over the weekend. The 3-D animation raked in around $24.6 million to hold on to the number one spot at the domestic Box Office for the second straight week. In second place, the new Bruce Willis film, “Surrogates” with around $15 million. A bigger opening was expected for this picture, which has an impressive promotional campaign and interesting story line.  The action/thriller is about a futuristic world where human contact takes place mainly through surrogate robots.... Read More →

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A major blow to the Burbank Police Department

Photo:  FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Burbank Police Vehicle The legal problems for the city of Burbank and its embattled police department got a whole lot worse this past week. On Tuesday, well-respected Ex-Deputy Police Chief Bill Taylor filed a lawsuit against the city, alleging that he was demoted to captain for drawing attention to several serious incidents in the department, including discrimination against a group of minority officers. Taylor joins four Burbank police officers, a lieutenant, and a former detective, in suing the city for alleged misconduct and unfair treatment in... Read More →

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Michael Jackson documentary and new single on the way

Photo: Megan Lewis/Reuters/Files — November 17, 1996 Sydney, Australia Some dedicated Michael Jackson fans are already lined up at the Nokia Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles for tickets to the screening of a documentary about the late entertainer. What is truly  amazing is that some of those fans got in line yesterday, but the tickets for the advance showings of “This is It” don’t go on sale until sometime after 12:01 a.m. this Sunday morning! The first 500 ticket hopefuls will reportedly get commemorative tickets designed by Jackson for his London... Read More →

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Barbra Streisand to auction off personal possessions

Superstar Barbra Streisand is holding a major auction at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Wilshire Boulevard, in Beverly Hills next month. The “Collection of Barbra Streisand” is over 500 items include fine paintings, antiques, and memorabilia from the entertainer’s career as a singer, actress, producer, and director. Among the highlights, costumes from Streisand films like, “Funny Lady,” “Yentl,” “Prince of Tides,” and “Meet The Fockers.” The auction is Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18. All funds raised will go to the Barbra Streisand Foundation, which supports human rights and... Read More →

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A new crop of movies top the weekend Box Office

The animated family flick, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” led the pack of new films and other contenders at the Box Office over the weekend. Based on the classic children’s book of the same title, “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” is the whimsical tale of a town where food falls from the sky like rain. Character voices include Bill Hader, Anna Faris, and James Caan. The 3-D animation pulled in the biggest share of the movie audience, raking in around $30 million to become the number one film in the country. In second place,... Read More →

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Jobless rates jump! Where is that recovery?

Some grim economic news out today from the federal government about the number of Americans out of work. The federal data shows the unemployment rate continues to rise despite reports from some experts that the recovery from this dreaded recession is underway. The California jobless rate rose from 11.9% to a record high of 12.2% in August, according to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics. The golden state is not so bright for more than 12,000 of its workers who lost their jobs last month and thousands of job seekers who were looking and... Read More →

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NBA hoopster gets starring role in new movie

Photo: Keith James/ freelance photographer Cleveland Cavaliers Superstar, LeBron James has signed on to take his game to the big screen. 24-year-old James will star in a comedy called, “Fantasy Basketball Camp” set to go before the cameras next summer, according to Daily Variety. James’ role in the film will not be much of a stretch, he’ll be playing himself. The story reportedly revolves around five guys who get to head off to Vegas to live out their fantasies at the LeBron James Adult Basketball Camp. This is... Read More →

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Patrick Swayze reaches out to touch his newly unveiled star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame along Hollywood Boulevard in 1997. Swayze gained worldwide recognition when he starred in the 1987 box-office hit

Patrick Swayze 1952-2009

Photo: Fred Prouser/Reuters/Los Angeles Times — Actor Patrick Swayze poses with his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on August 18, 1997 Fans are dropping by the Hollywood Walk of Fame star of Entertainer Patrick Swayze today, sharing memories and leaving behind flowers, candles, and other tributes. Swayze died yesterday after a battle with pancreatic cancer. The actor, dancer, and singer was only 57. Swayze appeared in a number of films like”The Outsiders” (1983),  “Road House” (1989) and “Point Break”(1991), but a little musicial love story called,”Dirty Dancing” (1987) made him... Read More →

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Tyler Perry wins the weekend Box Office derby

Writer/director/actor Tyler Perry is still on an incredible roll at the Box Office. This weekend his latest film, “I Can Do Bad All By Myself,” left the competition in the dust. This is the fifth Perry film in the past five years to debut at the top of the Box Office. The numbers are not spectacular, but a win is a win. “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” claimed the prize as the number one movie in the country with an estimated haul of $24 million. “I Can Do Bad All... Read More →

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Photo Gallery: Space Shuttle makes a California landing

Photo: NASA/Tom Tschida A two week journey in space came to an end for the crew of Discovery yesterday when the space shuttle landed at Edwards Air Force Base in the California desert at 5:53 PDT. Discovery announced its arrival with two thunderous sonic booms over the Southland shortly before the picture perfect landing. During the trip, the seven member crew delivered supplies and research materials to the International Space Station. Discovery was due to land in Florida, but unstable weather conditions forced a change of plans to... Read More →

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Burbank, the city council, and that disturbing water wasting video

  Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Burbank Burbank officials have hammered residents with new water restrictions, penalties, and higher rates recently. We’re in a water crisis they insist. Well, you’d think if the shortage is as serious as they say, the first order of business would be to make the city as water efficient as possible. There are indications this has not been a high priority or the job was left incomplete.  Besides the repeated sprinkler problem/flooding at the Burbank jail mentioned in an earlier post on this blog, now the city has been caught on video wasting precious water... Read More →

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Happy Labor Day!

Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Burbank I have some mixed feelings on this Labor Day. Nationally, unemployment is at a 26-year high of 9.7%.  In California, the jobless rate has soared to 11.9%. There is evidence the recession-battered economy is making a slow recovery, an encouraging sign. Still with so many people out of work it’s hard to cheer the upturn in the economy. I may not be cheering, but I’m hopeful. And that is as good as it gets for me on Labor Day 2009.   

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A Labor Day salute to Grand View visitors/volunteer workers

Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove Most visitors to cemeteries come bearing flowers and mementos not rakes, shovels, and cleaning supplies. At Grand View Memorial Park in Glendale, there is a hardy group of visitors who regularly arrive at the struggling cemetery ready to put in several hours of serious work; from clearing weeds and debris to cleaning tombstones and grave markers. Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove Grand View will be open tomorrow, Sunday, September 6, from noon to 4 p.m., and if you drop by you’ll probably see some of... Read More →

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Water a hot issue at the Burbank City Council meeting

Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Burbank  We’re deep in the heat of a Southern California summer with temperatures  reaching over 100 degrees on many days. So what does the Burbank City Council do?  Last Tuesday, they voted to slap stiffer restrictions on water use. Hopefully, the council will reconsider this decision when the issue comes back for a final review.  At this week’s city council meeting, Dr. David Gordon was the only council member to speak out strongly about the timing of the new restrictions and the impact on the public. Dr. Gordon voted “no.”  However, the rest of the city... Read More →

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“The Final Destination” the latest winner at record breaking Box Office

The final numbers are in for last weekend’s Box Office, and “The Final Destination 3-D” came out on top as the number one film in the country. This fourth installment of the honor/thriller franchise scored $27,408 million in its domestic debut. “The Final Destination” plot revolves around premonition and a grim series of deaths. Not a happy subject, but fans of the movies keep coming back for more. The Nazi World War II flick, “Inglourious Basterds” fought its way to second place with $19,303.  In third, the debut of “Halloween... Read More →

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