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Entertainment: Disney finally sells Miramax, Record breaking ratings for “The View” thanks to Obama, and another milestone for the “Black Eyed Peas”

 Actor Rob Lowe reportedly part of the group that bought Miramax Miramax, a hot commodity in Hollywood, has been sold to a group of investors led by Billionaire/Construction Magnate, Ronald Tutor. The price tag — somewhere between $600-$675 million. The announcement came out yesterday. Late today, The Wrap reported that Actor Rob Lowe is among the investors. The prestigious Miramax library includes such films as “My Left Foot”  (1989), “Pulp Fiction”(1994), and “Shakespeare in Love” (1998).  The Wrap has several reports on the deal and the behind the scenes drama. President Obama’s appearance... Read More →

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President Obama checks out “The View”

Cheers, criticism, and kudos for President Barack Obama’s appearance on the daytime talker, “The View,” today.  President Obama’s visit to the program was taped at ABC Studios in New York, yesterday.  AOL has some reaction and reviews of the sit-down on “The View” by the Prez. Here’s a link to the post and the more than 300 comments.

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Strange July weather

The weather is doing a serious flip-flop. A few days ago, Burbank was sizzling in triple digit temperatures along with the rest of the valley. Today, the high here in Media City reached only 75. More like a spring day in April, than late July heading into August. The forecast is calling for low clouds and fog through much of  Tuesday morning — with mostly sunshine in the afternoon. The high is expected to be in the upper 70s-to-mid-80s.  The cooler temps help save energy and water.  No need to crank the... Read More →

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Julia Roberts, Forest Whitaker, and Goldie Hawn hook-up with Oprah’s new network

Some heavyweight stars have signed on to produce a series of two-hour documentaries with OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network, scheduled to debut next January. Julia Roberts, Forest Whitaker, and Goldie Hawn will be joined by Gabriel Byrne and Mariel Hemingway in this venture.  The subjects range from:  a look inside a hospice at the Louisiana maximum security prison in Angola, to Hemingway’s exploration of her family’s legacy of suicide to an in depth report on extraordinary mothers and their desire to make a better world for all children. “All of these documentaries fundamentally explore human... Read More →

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Entertainment Buzz: Box Office, Comic-Con, and President Obama to appear on “The View”

A great movie poster, solid reviews, and a debut estimated at $36.5 million were not enough for the new Angelina Jolie film, “Salt,” to win the weekend domestic Box Office derby. The Leonardo DiCaprio sci-fi action flick, “Inception,” held onto the number one spot for the second week in a row with around $43 million. “Salt” opened in second place. The spy thriller is about a CIA agent who gets fingered as a sleeper KGB operative and must go on the run to clear herself. The project was... Read More →

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Jay Leno to do stand-up for Gulf Coast victims

Late Night TV host, Jay Leno, will soon be heading down South to perform a benefit for some victims of that devastating Gulf Coast oil spill. The host of NBC’s “The Tonight Show” will take to the stage in a theater at the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi on the Mississippi Gulf Coast,  next month, on Saturday, August 21. “It’s great to be able to do shows like this,” Leno said in a PR Newswire press release. “We did it for flood victims in Iowa; we did it... Read More →

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City Buzz

Two Burbank city council members speak out on two very different issues Burbank City Councilman Dr. David Gordon photo from Burbank website In the past few days, two members of the Burbank City Council have sent letters to two different newspapers about two very different concerns —  producing quite a contrast. In last Saturday’s Burbank Leader, Dr. David Gordon responded with a rebuttal to the newspaper’s article of July 14 about the controversy surrounding the accounting of millions of dollars by the  Burbank Unifed  School District. As... Read More →

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Leonardo DiCaprio scores another Box Office winner

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is blowing up huge on the big screen. DiCaprio is two-for-two — with his second film this year, “Inception,” debuting at the top of the domestic Box Office this weekend.   Last February, DiCaprio starred in the psychological drama, “Shutter Island,” which opened in first place with $41 million.  Now, the sci-fi thriller “Inception” cleans-up with an estimated $60.4 million to become the number one movie in the country. “Inception” also stars Ken Watanabe, Ellen Page, and Michael Caine. Directed and written by the talented Chris Nolan,... Read More →

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Bummer: Baskin-Robbins dumps French Vanilla

Photo: FLLewis/Media City G –A couple enjoys some ice cream at Baskin- Robbins on South Victory Boulevard in Burbank, back in May 2007 Hey, what’s going on? The ice cream giant, Baskin-Robbins, is sending an old favorite, French Vanilla, to its “Deep Freeze,” as part of the company’s 65th birthday celebration. Last week, BR announced the retirement of not one, but five of the 31 signature flavors.  Also getting the boot Caramel Praline Cheesecake, Campfire S’mores, Apple Pie a La Mode, and Superfudge Truffle.             Srinivas Kumar, Chief Brand Officer, Baskin-Robbins... Read More →

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California Lottery Mega Millions logo

$64 million lottery ticket sold in Southland

There’s something hotter than the weather in the Southland this weekend. It’s a jackpot winning Mega Millions lottery ticket from yesterday’s draw. The jackpot, $64 million. The lucky ticket was sold at the Smoke N’ Stuff, 750 West 7th Street, in Los Angeles. The winning numbers: 2, 15, 18, 20, 39 and the Mega Ball 34.  Two tickets sold in California had all of the numbers, except the Mega Ball. Each of those tickets is worth $110, 076. Next Mega Millions draw is Tuesday, July 20, with a jackpot of... Read More →

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Southland sizzles in heat wave

Wow, we’re really getting slammed by the summer heat now. After a hot week, the weekend is bringing predictions of 90s in Los Angeles and triple digit temperatures for Burbank and the valleys. Temps are up even in the beach communities like Santa Monica, which could see a high of 95 today. In the Media City, the high is expected to reach 101 today — it was 90 and soaring at around noon. Tomorrow, more of the same.  Not only is it time to plug in the fans, but crank-up the air conditioners as well.

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Los Angeles Dodgers logo

Dodgers join tributes to George Steinbrenner

The New York Yankees paid a special emotional tribute to the late team owner, George Steinbrenner, last night at Yankee Stadium, before the game against the Tampa Bay Rays.  Also, honors were dished out to long-time Yankees announcer, Bob Sheppard, who died last Sunday at the age of 99.  New York Daily News has details on the tribute and the Yankees’ 5-4 victory over the Rays. Steinbrenner, known as “The Boss,”  passed away on Tuesday, July 13, following a massive heart attack. Steinbrenner was 80. In 1973, he bought... Read More →

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Photo Gallery: Warren Buffett meets with President Obama

A heavy discussion in the Oval Office of the White House on Wednesday, July 14, when Billionaire Investor, Warren Buffett, dropped by for a chat with President Barack Obama. Main topics: the struggling economy and jobs.   The Caucus blog on The New York Times website reported on the meeting and mentioned a funny incident with Buffett’s tie.  The President reportedly noticed Buffett’s tie was a bit worn — offered one of his own– and the offer was accepted. Buffett is consider one of the most successful investors in the world. Last March,... Read More →

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Entertainment Bits: Bristol Palin engaged to her baby’s daddy, Writer posts novel online lands book deal & Dennis Hopper art exhibit opens in SoCal

Bristol Palin to marry Levi Johnston That Palin family — never out of the media spotlight for long. The latest news,  Bristol Palin is engaged to former boyfriend and father of her son, Levi Johnston. The couple broke the news to US magazine, which posted the exclusive story and some photos on its website today. The Palins really like US magazine. Remember, Sarah Palin on the above US cover with the couple’s son, Tripp, back in 2008?   Online vampire book sells to major publisher San Francisco Bay Area Author Marta... Read More →

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clip art of sunglasses

Summer heats up in the Southland

Now where are those sunglasses? I need them today!  This feels like a real July day in Burbank. Gone are those light breezes, mild temperatures, and overcast skies of the past few weeks. Here in Media City, the sun is big and bright and the temps are in the upper 80s at 1 p.m.  Sigh, I’m not loving this weather change, but I realize a real Southland summer is going to come sooner or later.

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News bits: Manny’s Porsche, Polanski walks, and more angry words from Mel Gibson

The winning bid for Manny’s Porsche is in After 10 days and more than two dozen bids on eBay, a rare Porsche owned by Dodger Slugger Manny Ramirez sold today — for $50,100.  Apparently someone got a good deal. Recently, the bright red Porsche reportedly appraised at around $58,000. Ramirez donated the 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo 964 to a couple of worthy causes. The  proceeds will be split between ThinkCure!, the Dodgers’ official charity, and Maryvale, a local residential placement home for orphan girls. Swiss set Director Roman Polanski free Fugitive... Read More →

“Despicable Me” clobbers the competition at the Box Office

Family 3D movies are rampaging at the Box Office these days,  The latest, “Despicable Me,” ran all over its rivals to debut with an estimate $60.1 at the domestic Box Office to become the number one film in the country. The computer animated feature is about a strange neighborhood criminal who’s planning to steal the moon until he meets up with three orphan girls.  “Despicable Me” stars Steve Carell, Jason Segel, Russell Brand, and Julie Andrews. Last week’s top film, “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” is still going strong with... Read More →

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Weekend Catch-up: Mel Gibson’s racist rant/abuse allegations, Best selling summer reads & Lottery dreams come true for a SoCal player

Mel Gibson’s mouth gets him in trouble again The Internet and Hollywood are buzzing about Actor/Director/Producer Mel Gibson’s latest foot-in-mouth performance.  An audio recording of Gibson using the “N-word” in a tirade against his ex-girlfriend, Russian singer, Oksana Grigorieva, was followed by reports that the entertainer is being investigated for domestic violence. And there’s more. WME agency has confirmed it recently fired Gibson as a client. Remember, Gibson was hit by an onslaught of bad publicity after a tape revealed the drunken actor making anti-Semitic remarks during a DUI stop in Malibu, back in 2006.... Read More →

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Chrysler slams the brakes on a SoCal favorite — the PT Cruiser

You see them all over the Southland. The hip retro-sedan — the PT Cruiser. I’ve seen them tricked out, pimped down, wearing  flashy colors or just cruising along with the standard equipment that has become so familiar on local streets and highways. There are several Cruisers in my Burbank neighborhood — and one is parked at my place.  My 2004 Cruiser is still a very cool ride. Too bad the top executives at Chrysler didn’t show the PT its props — instead they canned it. The last PT Cruiser rolled off an assembly line in Mexico... Read More →

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Entertainment: Conan O’Brien scores Emmy nominations, Disney loses big time in court & “Eclipse” still hot at the Box Office

 Conan O’Brien gets four Emmy nominations Late night talk show host, Conan O’Brien, has plenty to joke about after receiving four Emmy nominations today, for his short-lived version of “The Tonight Show,” including nods for outstanding variety music or comedy series, for writing, directing, and art direction. How many nominations did his rivals Jay Leno and David Letterman get? Nada! Zilch!   That recent odd-ball Emmy ad campaign by the TBS Network for the comedian just might have paid off. Or maybe O’Brien got a lot of sympathy votes... Read More →

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