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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Police and Fire Headquarters in Downtown Burbank

Another mountain lion sighting in Burbank

Burbank Police sent out a community alert today about  a second reported mountain lion sighting in less than a month in the Media City. The first occurred back on August 4, near Kenneth Road and Brown Drive. The second sighting late yesterday, was once again in the hillside area — this time, residents reported seeing the wild cat in the 900 block of Country Club Drive, according to the Burbank PD. In both cases, the mountain lion sauntered back up into the hills without causing a problem, except rattling some... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Burbank then and now snapshots on side two of the centennial reusable bag

Hot collectible: Burbank centennial bag

I noticed it soon after the big party of the century to celebrate Burbank’s centennial back on July 8. Whenever I took my colorful Burbank centennial reusable bag out in public — someone would comment on it.  “What a cool bag!” is what a checker at the Trader Joe’s on East Alameda Avenue in Burbank said as she carefully arranged my groceries in that bag.  I get versions of that compliment the most. On another occasion, a Burbank shopper pointed out that she has one just like it — but is not using it– thinking... Read More →

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apple tree free clipart

Guest Blogger: The weather, life, and happy days

There’s a proverb that says that having clear and sunny days all the time creates deserts. Of course everybody wishes to have bright and happy days all the time, but if every single day was like that, we could forget what happiness is. It is natural for there to be rain, snow, wind, thunder, and lightning on some days and for other days to be clear and sunny. It is the human condition to be happy sometimes and sad other times. There are times we laugh and there also times... Read More →

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Photo: Robert Stolarik/The New York Times -- Workers scramble to evacuate the elderly from a health care center in Queens, New York on Saturday night August 27, 2011

New York City prepares for the wrath of Irene

In an unprecedented move, New York City has nearly shut down in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Irene today. Despite the dire warnings and evidence of what Irene has done to other parts of the East Coast this weekend, some New Yorkers in places like Coney Island are refusing to leave their homes. At least nine deaths on the East Coast are being blamed on the wrath of Irene, according to the New York Times. As this huge hurricane approaches the Big Apple, the New York Times has dropped its paywall and... Read More →

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Burbank opens cooling center for the weekend

  We’re in a heat wave! Yesterday the thermometer shot up to 108 in Burbank. At 11 p.m. last night, it was still a very warm 81. More extreme temps are expected in B-town through the weekend. The blistering heat prompted Burbank officials to open a cooling center late Friday. Here’s the media release. BURBANK, Calif. (August 26, 2011) – With high temperatures expected over the next several days, the City of Burbank is establishing a designated cooling center on Saturday and Sunday. The Buena Vista Library... Read More →

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blazing hot sun clipart

A scorcher in Burbank today

Another hot one in Burbank and the rest of the Southland today. The temperatures are expected to soar into the mid-90s — even the triple digits by this afternoon in B-town. Before noon the mercury had reached 93 here.  Also, we will get some partly cloudy skies at times with a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms.  And we got high humidity! A large ridge of high pressure reportedly is bring sizzling temperatures to our area through the weekend. Also, an excessive heat watch is in effect for Burbank, Universal City, Pasadena and... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Garden Guru Emilio Telles

Guest Blogger: Garden Guru on fall planting

 Yep, it’s getting about that time to start thinking about where to plant your fall bulbs(tulips, hyacinths,  freesias, daffodills—-etc). Don’t do it now. Wait until next month and shop early. Planting bulbs in late September is easy. You just have to remember that tulips, hyacinths and crocus have to be cooled in your refridgerator for a month in a paper bag before you plant them. Unless you live like I did in Moultonboro, NH like I did for a bit where the soil temp is real cold, unlike here in... Read More →

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handcuffs clipart

Crime Alert: Suspects arrested in Burbank for alleged copper wire theft

The price of copper is on the rise and so apparently is copper wire theft.  Today Burbank Police announced the arrest of three suspects in what appears to be a very creative copper wire theft ring. Last Friday, the suspects reportedly showed up at a home in Burbank claiming to be with the local cable company, Charter Communications. They were wearing “..hard hits, utility belts, and orange vests…” according to a Burbank PD press release. The suspects told the resident they were there to “…cut old wire... Read More →

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Earthquake graphic

Strong earthquake rocks the East Coast

Some folks along the East Coast today got a feel for what it’s like living here in earthquake country. A quake, reportedly at least 5.8, struck about 80 miles from Washington D.C. in Virginia at around 2 p.m. EDT.  The earthquake prompted evacuations from New York to Boston to Philadelphia to D.C. The Los Angeles Times website has more on this surprise shaker on the East Coast and photos as well.

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City of Burbank seal

City releases statement on controversial Burbank Recycle Center

Lately, the Burbank City Council has been peppered with tough questions from residents about the status and alleged mismanagement of the Burbank Recycle Center over on South Flower Street. This is not the first time rumors have been flying about something “not right” going on at the center. Yesterday, the City of Burbank put out a statement about the center and its involvement in the operation. City Statement on Burbank Recycle Center BURBANK, Calif. (August 22, 2011) – On January 29, 2010, the State of California denied the... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Garden Guru Emilio Telles

Guest Blogger: Garden Guru on summer care of citrus trees part two

As I walk my Golden Retriever through my neighborhood here in Sun Valley, I’ve noticed a rash of mold and mildew on citrus.  Here’s the deal. With the sudden heat and the colder nights and mornings, mildew spots are appearing on your  citrus. How do you solve the problem? First, do not water the foliage in the evenings and also use an organic spray to get to those aphids — ants will literally farm the aphids to make that “poop” that the ants love and promotes that white and black... Read More →

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"The Help" movie poster

“The Help” gets promoted to top spot at box office

“The Help” got a boost to number one at the domestic box office with a weekend estimate of $20 million. The comedy-drama is about a young southern white woman and her relationship with the black “help” during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Emma Stone, Viola Davis, and Octavia Spencer star. “The Help” is based on the 2009 bestselling novel of the same title by Kathryn Stockett. The film’s budget, $25 million. In two weeks, it has made around $71 million and is getting some Oscar buzz as... Read More →

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Guest Blogger: New vs. old

Do you like the word ‘new’? Usually, when something is new, it is good. Whether it’s a new item or new thought, it often makes people feel good to have new things. A lot of areas in the United States have the word ‘new’ attached to them, like New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New Mexico, and New Orleans. The first settlers of those territories identified those lands as new and good. However, it isn’t just new things that are good. There are old things that are good too. For... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Community activist Janet Diel at the Party of the Century in Burbank July 8, 2011

Be-Boppin’ in Magnolia Park today

Another street party in Burbank today. Be-Boppin’ in the Park is set to get underway at 3 p.m. on Magnolia Boulevard, between Hollywood Way and California Street. This is the fifth year for this festival of vintage and classic cars, music, food, and community scene. They’re expecting somewhere around 15 thousand people to show up for this street party, according to a posting on the Burbank city website. Community activist Janet Diel sent me an e-mail about a special attraction at Be Boppin’ Park today. Matt Burch of the... Read More →

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Invite for Dennis Barlow retirement parties

Talk of the Town: Burbank City Attorney’s retirement party e-mail

Quite a bit of talk in B-town about the fairytale-like e-mail announcement sent out to all Burbank City employees yesterday. The e-mail invited folks to save two upcoming dates, September 29 and October 28, for bashes honoring the retirement of controversial Burbank City Attorney, Dennis Barlow. While the invite probably got chuckles from some — it got scorn from others who feel Barlow, a major player in the police mess and scandal, is not quite the lovable, smiling Disney type character portrayed in the e-mail. Hmm, maybe that’s the backhanded... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/ Media City G -- Burbank Police unit

Crime Alert: Suspected child predator arrested in Burbank

 Burbank Police announced the arrest of a suspected child predator late today. Burbank PD was alerted to the suspicious activities of the alleged predator by the Lake Havasu Police Department, according to a press release. An investigation by the Burbank PD resulted in search warrants being served at the home and place of employment of 48-year-old Stephen Fowlow. Investigators reportedly found evidence that Fowlow had been “sexting” over the Internet with “..a 15-year-old female.” Also, they discovered Fowlow had allegedly been involved with “sexting” with other minors and that he was in... Read More →

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red arrow clipart pointing down

More economic worries: Stocks take another dive

The stock market took a beating again today. Some dramatic swings in the market over the past few days. Worries about the country tumbling into another recession reportedly caused the market to plunge more than 500 points today. When the market closed stocks had gained some ground — ending the day down 419 points. More on the stocks and the economic fears, which have investors jittery and scrambling for cover here on Reuters.

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Guest Blogger: The benefits of a few good laughs

When I turn on the news on television, it seems like there’s a lot more bad news than good news. Whether we’re talking about the debt problem we’re having in the US or the riots in England and other problems in Europe, Asia, and Africa, it seems like there’s a lot more bad things going on than there is good. Even if it’s not big news that makes the headlines, it also seems like in our regular ever day lives, that bad things that happen seem more significant than the... Read More →

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Congresswoman Michele Bachmann August 10, 2011 in Clive, Iowa from flickr

Presidential Race: Michele Bachmann wins in Iowa

 Minnesota Congresswoman and GOP presidential hopeful, Michele Bachmann, is celebrating a major victory today.  Bachmann won the first big Republician test of the 2012 campaign for the White House., the Iowa straw poll.  On the official, Michele Bachmann for President website, the candidate posted this statement: “THANK YOU IOWA! We did it! I am excited to announce our campaign was the winner of this year’s AmesStraw Poll. Iowans delivered a strong message to Washington: America cannot afford four more years of Barack Obama and his failed liberal policies, and... Read More →

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cover of novel "Dollhouse" by Kardashians

Kardashian sisters’ new novel coming out

The Kardashian sisters, Kim, Kourtney, and Khloé are about to become published novelists. That’s right. The reality show divas have written a novel and it’s called “Dollhouse,” according to the publishing industry website, Galleycat. A fan of the sisters came up with the title and reportedly is featured in the book, which hits store shelves this November first. More here.

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A call for a probe into a Hollywood movie about Osama bin Laden

A New York congressman is calling for an investigation into what kind of “cooperation” the Obama administration provided for a movie about the take down of 9-11 terrorist mastermind, Osama bin Laden. Director Kathryn Bigelow is partnering with screenwriter Mark Boal on this bin Laden film. Apparently, the filmmakers are being accused of getting “special access” and classified information —  allegedly including data on the Navy Seal Team 6 raid which resulted in the death of bin Laden. Today posted reaction from Bigelow and Boal, declaring they have received help from... Read More →

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