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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Garden Guru Emilio "Elmo" Telles

Garden Guru: Growing winter veggies from seeds

 A couple weeks ago I had a class at work, which was about winter vegetable seed planting. Unfortunately, with that hot spell we had I talked those in attendance into waiting a bit for cooler temperatures — then start seed planting. Seed planting the winter veggies is pretty cool and easy. First thing is, stay away from such summer veggies like peppers, tomatoes, summer squash, etc. Now is the time to start cool season stuff like, lettuce, carrots, cabbage, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, and so on. If you are hard-set on... Read More →

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"Terminator" movie poster

Celebrity book deals: Courtney Love & Arnold Schwarzenegger

Catching up on some celebrity book deals. Rocker Courtney Love has signed a deal with HarperCollins for a “tell-all” memior, according to the publishing  site Galleycat. Love’s untitled memior reportedly will be a no-holds-barred telling of her life from ” childhood to the present day.” Love was married to deceased rock legend, Kurt Cobain of Nirvana. Love has had success with her band, Hole, but also personal problems and trouble with drugs in her later years. Also Galleycat is reporting the autobiography of  Arnold Schwarzenegger... Read More →

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Mega Millions logo

Mega Millions update: Jackpot $113 million!!

Mega Millions lottery tickets are a hot buy today. The double-M jackpot has leaped the $100 million mark. It happened after no one picked all of the winning numbers in last Tuesday’s draw. Here are those numbers: 2, 20, 28, 36, 45, and the Mega Ball 37. Three ticket holders in California matched all but the Mega number. Each of those tickets is worth $111, 608. So don’t be surprised if a wave of lottery fever sweeps the Southland with long lines of hopefuls buying Mega Millions tickets today. The... Read More →

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graphic with dollars signs

Mega Millions jackpot at least $96 million

The Mega Millions jackpot is stuffed with greenbacks and closing in on the $100 million mark. The winning numbers in last Friday’s draw were 21, 27, 32, 40, 52 and the Mega number 36. No one ticket in that draw had all of those hot numbers. However, one California player did come pretty close to winning the money pot with all but the Mega  number correct. That ticket is worth $292, 587. So the Mega Millions jackpot now stands at $96 million and could go higher before tomorrow’s draw at 8... Read More →

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Jean Youn on autumn and the joys of letter writing

The day time is a little shorter now than it was a week or two ago. This past Friday, the day time and night time were of equal lengths. In Korea, this is called chu-boon, while in America it is the autumnal equinox. It is now officially the fall season. This reminds me of a Korean song that talks about writing letters during the fall. In the age of email, Facebook, and smart phones, not as many people actually hand write letters anymore. It’s even been in the media that... Read More →

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happy fall clipart

Fall is here, but the heat is still on

Seasons are changing. Today’s the first day of autumn. The leaves are falling and the mornings are cool — however, it’s still shorts and tee-shirt weather in the Southland. The temperature could reach the upper 80s to mid-90s in Burbank today. We’ll be suffering through another bout of high humidity again, too.  Also, a 20 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms.

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Logo for the Californa Lottery and the Mega Millions game

Mega Million jackpot blows up to $86 million

A lot of lottery players have their eyes on the Mega Millions jackpot, which stands at around $86 million.  No one purchased a ticket with the winning numbers from last Tuesday’s draw. Those hot digits are: 6, 29, 38, 50, 51 and the Mega Ball 39. Two California players came real close to scoring the big one. They got all of those numbers correct, except for the Mega Ball. Each ticket is worth $128, 276. The next draw for the Mega Millions game is tomorrow at  8 p.m.

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- The former site of The Great Indoors at 1301 North Victory Place in the Empire Center Burbank

City Buzz

No Wal-Mart forces take the fight to City Hall  In the past few days, a number of media reports have come out about Wal-Mart finally fessing up to plans to move into the site once occupied by The Great Indoors, at the Empire Center over on North Victory Place. Wal-Mart owns the site now — but anti-Wal-Mart forces in B-town aren’t giving up the fight just yet. The No Wal-Mart on Facebook group has organized a rally for today, on the steps of Burbank City Hall at 5:30 p.m. The... Read More →

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Jean Youn’s Tips and Insight: The changing seasons

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago when the flowers were blooming and now the leaves are about to get ready to fall. All the seasons have their own colors. Winter is white, spring is pink, summer is blue, and autumn is brown, and each of the colors of the seasons is beautiful. People are all different colors, too. It is these colors that make up the world, and it is beautiful. In the Korean language, there is a word pronounced like “math” and another word pronounced like “muht”.... Read More →

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Photo: City of Burbank -- Amy Albano new Burbank City Attorney

The official announcement of the new Burbank City Attorney

It has been rumored about for weeks now.  Then, late today the official announcement came from Burbank City Hall in the form of a news release — naming the replacement for retiring Burbank City Attorney, Dennis Barlow. She is Amy Albano who is now the city attorney out in Thousand Oaks. Next Tuesday, the city council will consider appointing Albano to the position — but at this point, that’s merely a formality.  It’s a done deal. Here’s the news release from Public Information Officer, Keith Sterling: Burbank... Read More →

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Sue Ann Jaffarian

How to snag an agent to shop your literary project

For a lot of writers getting an agent is harder than the writing.  Media City Groove Guest Blogger, Sue Ann Jaffarian, has leaped that hurdle to become a best-selling author of three mystery series.  Jaffarian, a paralegal for a Los Angeles firm, started off in self-publishing, and along her writer’s journey picked up a thing or two about making that agent hook-up. Jaffarian is going to share some of her tips in a writer’s workshop called, “Turning Agent Woes Into Agent Wows,” this Saturday, September 17, 2 p.m. at the Buena Vista... Read More →

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Logo for the Californa Lottery and the Mega Millions game

Mega Millions jackpot rolls over to $65 million

The Mega Millions jackpot appears to be on a serious roll once again. The jackpot has grown to at least $65 million, after no one hit the big one in last night’s draw. Those winning digits: 22, 31, 43, 48, 56 and the Mega Ball 45. The Mega Millions is moving into lottery fever territory. The larger the jackpot —  the more people are willing to slap down the dollars for lottery tickets. The next chance to score this Mega Millions jackpot is in the draw on Friday, September 16... Read More →

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Jean Youn’s Tips and Insight: Giving thanks

 Tomorrow is a big holiday in Korea. It is called Chu-Seok , and it is the Korean equivalent of America’s Thanksgiving. In Korea, it is a five day long celebration. During Chu-Seok, the first harvests of grains and fruits are prepared and it is day where Koreans give thanks to their ancestors. The seasons in Korea are similar to how it is in the Northeastern United States. So in terms of the weather and seasons, it’s a little hard to prepare the first harvests. Why do they do it so early?... Read More →

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American flag clipart

Remembering September 11, 2001

Remarks of President Barack Obama Weekly Address The White House Saturday September 10, 2011 This weekend, we’re coming together, as one nation, to mark the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  We’re remembering the lives we lost—nearly 3,000 innocent men, women and children.  We’re reaffirming our commitment to always keep faith with their families.   We’re honoring the heroism of first responders who risked their lives—and gave their lives—to save others.  And we’re giving thanks to all who serve on our behalf, especially our troops... Read More →

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clip art green money bag with black dollar sign

Lottery News: Southland grandmother wins big in SuperLotto Plus & Mega Millions jackpot jumps to $54 million

A Southland grandmother probably will never have to worried about being short of money for the rest of her life. Seventy-three-year-old Audelia Ramirez of Alhambra hit the jackpot in the Superlotto Plus game on Wednesday, August 30. Another player in San Diego got all of the winning numbers right as well, so they split the $18 million jackpot. Ramirez bought her $9 million winning ticket at the Superior Super Warehouse at 9100 Whittier Boulevard in Pico Rivera. The winning numbers: 22, 27, 32, 31, 2, and the... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Molemax, mole and gopher repellent

Garden Guru: Invasion of moles and gophers in Burbank and Glendale

There was a time in the garden business that I couldn’t give away mole ( gopher) repellents.  As of the last two years, I can’t keep it in stock! My theory is because of the limited rainfall, we have been inundated with moles and gophers. They are coming down from the hills. Here’s the deal. With gophers, you will have the holes open and exposed in your lawn and garden beds. With moles you will notice mounds of “fine”-powdery soil covering the holes. There is this product called “Molemax” that will... Read More →

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Photo: Chuck Kennedy/White House -- President Barack Obama delivers an address on jobs and the economy to a joint session of Congress at the U.S. Capitol September 8, 2011

President Obama calls on Congress to pass the American Jobs Act

President Barack Obama wants to shore up the sagging economy by putting “… more people back to work and more money in the pockets of those who are working.” Last night, in an address to a joint session of Congress at the U.S. Capitol, the president presented the American Jobs Act, which he claims will achieve those goals. THE PRESIDENT:  Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, and fellow Americans: Tonight we meet at an urgent time for our country.  We continue to face an economic crisis that has left millions... Read More →

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colorful fan clipart

Extreme heat in Burbank– cooling centers open

Fans and air conditioners were going full blast all over Burbank today. The mercury soar to a blazing 100 degrees. The high humid — over 50 percent at times — made going outside difficult to bear.  We’re used to dry heat — not the sticky humid conditions we had today.  More of the same ahead, at least through tomorrow.   Due to the extreme heat,  Burbank city officials opened three cooling centers today. Residents are encouraged to seek out a cool spot at one of three city libraries. Here are the hours... Read More →

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Photo: Cover fof new short story, "Where's Your Daddy?" by Sue Ann Jaffarian

A Writer’s View: Short stories a hot writer’s market

Since I was a kid, I have loved short stories.  Amongst my favorites were “The Ransom of Red Chief” and “The Gift of the Magi,” both by O. Henry, “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, and “The Telltale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe. They packed fun, poignancy and terror in just a few short pages, providing word for word a powerful punch. Short fiction has always been with us, but in the past few years it has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity.  When print magazines and online e-zines, always a... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Electric smart meter in Burbank

Talk of the Town: Those controversial new smart meters

A lot of complaints and grumbling about, and verbal attacks on, the new smart meters in Burbank.  Officials at Burbank Water and Power are raving about the new water and electric meters — but many of the residents aren’t buying the hype. Some of the public suspicion, disapproval, and down right hostility for the meters was heard during public comments at last Tuesday’s Burbank City Council meeting on August 30. Most of the carping is about the electric smart meter and its environmental, health, and privacy issues. BWP honcho, Ron Davis, stepped to the podium... Read More →

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