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"Think Like a Man" movie title

“Think Like a Man” repeats as #1 box office hit and “The Avengers” are coming

The hot romantic comedy, “Think Like a Man” managed another slam dunk at the box office over the weekend. Based on comedian/entertainer Steve Harvey’s self-help relationship best seller, “Act Like  a Lady, Think Like a Man,” the film earned $17.6 million — holding on to the title of number one movie the country for the second straight week. “Think Like a Man” has quickly snatched up an amazing $60 million at the domestic box office in less than two weeks. The budget for the movie was... Read More →

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Mega Millions jackpot cracks the $100 million mark again

Another big money Mega Millions lottery draw coming up. Today that moolah stash is up to $102 million. The jackpot grew by several million last Friday, when no one selected the correct numbers in that draw. Those winning numbers: 2, 5, 45, 46, 47, and the Mega number 37. Two California players got all but the Mega correct. Each one of those tickets is worth a$312, 766. The next draw is tomorrow, Tuesday at 7 :45 p.m. Meanwhile,California lottery officials are still waiting for several winners... Read More →

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bright sun clip art

A hot one in Burbank

  It’s going to be a hot one today. The forecast is for a high of 89 in the Media City.  No clouds, very little wind — just plenty of heat and sunshine. Tomorrow is supposed to be cooler — but still expect  temps in the 80s. Enjoy the weekend!

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gas pump clip art

Consumers cutting back due to high gas prices

Gasoline prices at the pump have come down, but not by much. The average price of a gallon of regular gas nationwide today is $3.82 — a month ago, it was $3.91 , according to AAA’s Daily Fuel Gauge Report.  Locally, in the Los Angeles-Long Beach area, the average for regular is quite a bit higher than the national average, $4.19 — that’s a drop of a few pennies from $4.23 a month ago. Overall, gas prices remain high and apparently that’s putting a financial squeeze... Read More →

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Photo:FLLewis/Media City G -- Councilman Dr. David Gordon at Burbank City Council meeting March 20, 2012

Latest on violent incident at Burbank councilman’s business office

  A person of interest reportedly has been interviewed in connection with that brick through the window incident at Burbank Councilman David Gordon’s optometry office on Hollywood Way last month. It happened on March 16 at around 10 p.m. and according to Burbank Police Officer, Joshua Kendrick, a suspect “.. was last seen fleeing the scene, southbound on Hollywood Way in a vehicle.” Dr. Gordon say nothing like this has ever happened in his 30 years of business: “the act of violence against my office was shocking and most... Read More →

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Photo: PRnewsFoto/Pasadena Tournament of Roses -- Dr. Jane Goodall, 2013 Rose Parade Grand Marshal, with Tournament of Roses President Sally Bixby Pasadena April 25, 2012

Dr. Jane Goodall 2013 Tournament of Roses Grand Marshal

Legendary scientist and conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall, is the Grand Marshal for the 2013 Tournament of Roses festivities. The big announcement was made today in Pasadena. “We selected our theme, ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go!’ with Dr. Goodall in mind as Grand Marshal,” said Tournament of Roses President Sally Bixby in a PR newswire release.  “The theme can be interpreted as a celebration of accomplishment, discovery and travel of course, but equally valid is its implicit call to action.  We think Dr. Goodall’s life story is a testament to the sense... Read More →

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Photo: Pete Souza/White House -- President Obama and Burbank teacher Rebecca Mieliwocki at White House ceremony honoring state and national teachers of the year Washington DC April 24, 2012

Updated: Burbank teacher honored as 2012 National Teacher of the Year

Burbank teacher, Rebecca Mieliwocki, was honored as the 2012 National Teacher of the Year by President Obama at the White House today. The 7th grade English teacher at Luther Burbank Middle School brought along her parents who are both public school teachers as well. President Obama praised Mieliwocki as one of the best: “When kids finish a year in Rebecca’s class, they’re better readers and writers than when they started. But even more than that, they know how important they are. And they understand how bright their futures can be.... Read More →

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image of wire clothes hanger

Jean Youn: Reduce the clutter, recycle wire hangers

Today I want to share a joke with you. There are many various hangers at my cleaners. Some of them have been there for a long time, and are old. Some, which have been just delivered at the cleaners as ordered a few days ago, are brand new. I overheard what they were saying to each other. An old hanger said to a new one, “Never forget that you are a hanger.” Wondering why the old one said that, the new one responded, “Of course, I... Read More →

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Book cover for Ricki Lake's new book "Never say never"

Ricki Lake’s new book hits store shelves

Actress and TV talk show host, Ricki Lake, has had plenty of life drama. In her new memoir, “Never say never: Finding a life that fits,” Lake shares the lessons learned from a painful childhood, weight issues, divorce, and the struggle to find a comfort level in her own skin. “Never say never” hit stores last week. Lake is out and about promoting her new book with TV appearances as well as stops in stores. Tonight at 7 p.m., she’ll be at the Barnes & Noble... Read More →

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Think like A Man movie poster

“Think Like a Man” Number 1 at the box office

A surprise at the domestic box office. The big sci-fi hit, “The Hunger Games” got kicked to the curb this weekend by romantic comedy, “Think Like a Man.” After four consecutive weeks in the number one spot, “The Hunger Games” got dethroned by “Think Like a Man, ” which pulled in $33.6 million on its debut weekend, according to the final figures released today. “Think Like a Man” was produced on a small budget of $12 million. “Think like a Man” is based on... Read More →

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weather graphic with sun, clouds, and rain

A sunny day, but rain is in the forecast for Burbank

It’s a chilly morning with mist and fog in some parts of the Media City. The forecast is for sunny skies and temps in the upper 80s later on, however, rain is predicted by mid-week. A cooling trend begins tomorrow with more April showers by Wednesday. We’ve have several storm systems roll through the Southland this month and apparently another one is on the way. So change is in the air.

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G --New paint job for Nickelodeon parking structure at Olive Avenue and Victory Boulevard in Burbank April 4, 2012

Can You Dig It? New paint job at Nickelodeon in Burbank

The new paint job for the Nickelodeon Animation Studio on Olive Avenue is definitely eye catching. The nearby Nickelodeon parking structure/adjacent building got the same treatment. This studio produces kid friendly animated series like “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “The Fairly OddParents.” A short while ago, Burbank City Council member Emily Gabel-Luddy brought up Nick’s new look at a council meeting and asked if  it is in line with city codes and regulations. What you think? Is it a dig or no dig?  

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Photo: Terje "Terry" Canavarro -- A close up of a Bobcat in the brush above Burbank near the Oakwood Apartments April 18, 2012

Bobcat spotted in the Burbank area

Freelance photographer Terje “Terry” Canavarro had a close encounter with a bobcat in the Burbank area. Terry took these photos of the wildcat in brush, above Forest Lawn Drive, near the Oakwood Apartments complex. He says he spotted this bobcat prowling  around yesterday morning.  It showed little fear of him, but just “…  went on with its business.” This is an unusual meeting — since bobcats are nocturnal, therefore, rarely seen by humans. At one point, the bobcat appeared to be checking out Terry and his camera. Soon it became... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Burbank Recycle Center 500 South Flower Street Burbank

Big event at the Burbank Recycle Center

The Burbank Recycle Center, over at 500 South Flower Street, is planning a fun-packed family fair for this Saturday, April 21. As you might expect, the team there will be offering environmentally helpful things like document shredding, mulch and compost giveaway, free reusable bags along with live music, food trucks, exhibits, cute animals to thrill the kids, face painting, games, and a ton of other stuff.  It all starts at 11 a.m. and wraps up around 4 p.m. More details here.

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bowl of rice clipart

Jean Youn: A bowl of spring

A plate or a bowl where food is put is called as a “Geu-reut” in Korean. “Geu-reut” has a variety of names. For example, we call it as “Bab (steamed rice) Geu-reut” if a bowl contains steamed rice which is the main staple for Koreans. If it holds soup (“Kook” in Korean), it is called as “Kook-Geu-reut.” Likewise, if bread (“Bbang” in Korean) is on it, it is called as “Bbang Geu-reut.” And If spaghetti is on it, it becomes as “Spaghetti Geu-reut.” In other words, the... Read More →

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1040 tax forms

Midnight tonight is the tax deadline

The dreaded tax deadline is here. You have until midnight to get those 2011 tax forms finished and either e-filed or in the mail. If you plan on dropping your tax returns off at a U.S. Post Office after normal hours may sure you do so at a location that has extended hours today, therefore,  providing that all important April 17 postmark. You can check the USPS website to find a post office staying open late on tax day. Also for those rushing to... Read More →

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