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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Arco station at Lake Street And Alameda Avenue in Burbank selling regular gas for less than $4 a gallon March 27, 2013

Regular gas drops below $4 a gallon in Burbank

Just before the long Easter holiday weekend, gas prices dipped in Burbank. Today I bought $20 worth of regular gas at the Arco station at Lake Street and Alameda Avenue in B-town. The price: $3.99 a gallon. Okay, it’s not the serious tumble we would like — but hopefully, this is the beginning of a major drop in gas prices. Today, the triple-A Daily Fuel Gauge Report is showing the average price for regular in our area, the Los Angeles-Long Beach region, is $4.1 a gallon. This is... Read More →

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Photo: FLewis/Media City G -- Councilman/Mayor Dave Golonski at Burbank Association of Realtors forum at the Burbank Central Library March 21, 2013

Burbank City Council candidates show true colors at forum

There’s a lot of talk around B-town about the city council candidates’ forum, at the Burbank Central Library over on Glenoaks Boulevard, last Thursday. Less than 50 people were in the audience to see some highs and lows of the campaign for the remaining two seats on the Burbank City Council. The candidates: newcomer David Nos, and incumbents, Dr. David Gordon, Jess Talamantes, and Mayor Dave Golonski were in top form. Too bad this event, hosted by the Burbank Association of Realtors was not televised. That would have been a... Read More →

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traffic congestion clip art

City Life: Dealing with traffic congestion

While this post is not about Burbank per se — it touches on a problem Burbankers complain about a lot. Probably every city in California is affected by some forum of traffic congestion.  If you travel Coldwater Canyon Avenue here in the San Fernando Valley, plan on a two hour delay. The reason: construction. It seems this avenue is always under some kind of construction. I feel a lot of compassion for those motorists driving this major connection, from the Valley to the Westside, on a daily... Read More →

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Photo:FLLewis/Media City G -- "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" sign at the NBC Studios in Burbank Spring 2009

Talk of the Town: Another NBC “Tonight Show” drama

Here we go again. Rumors are flying and the Internet is buzzing with chatter about NBC replacing Jay Leno on “The Tonight Show.” I don’t know what it is about Leno that makes NBC want to kick him around. Remember when then NBC honcho, Jeff Zucker, came up with the brilliant idea of pushing Jay Leno into a primetime show and handing over the “Tonight Show” to the younger, quirky, funnyman Conan O’Brien — at the time the host of “Late Night.” Leno was still at... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- (l-r) David Gordon, David Nos, Jess Talamantes, and Dave Golonski. City council candidates discussed the issues at a forum hosted by the Burbank Association of Realtors in the upper room of the Central Library on Glenoaks Boulevard in Burbank, March 21, 2013

Photo Gallery: Burbank City Council candidates speak out at forum

Burbank city council candidates pleaded their case for votes at a forum hosted by the Burbank Association of Realtors yesterday. The candidates: Dr. David Gordon, Jess Talamantes, Mayor Dave Golonski, and David Nos. The forum, at the Burbank Central Library, drew only about 35-50 people, but it was very insightful and at times disturbing. More on it coming.

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Janet Strong, North Screenland Drive resident, at a city council meeting in Burbank March 8, 2011

A Strong View: Bob Frutos and David Gordon the right team

A surprising 53.3% of the ballots cast in the Burbank Primary Nominating Election last month were for Bob Frutos . Never before has a newcomer won out over three incumbents in Burbank. The voters made a powerful show of support for change by casting their ballots for Bob. We need a fresh outlook and someone who will fight for the residents, help us solve our problems, and give us back our rights as citizens to have a well run city. Bob has shown his support for us and we came through for him.... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Mayor Dave Golonski at the city council meeting in Burbank March 19, 2013

Burbank Election News: Candidates forums, election ballots, and Golonski mailer

The Burbank General Municipal Election is Tuesday, April 9, less than three weeks away. The Burbank Association of Realtors is offering a free opportunity to hear the candidates discuss the issues and concerns of the residents in the Media City at two forums. There are two seats up for election on the Burbank Unified School District Board. The candidates are: Larry Applebaum, Steve Ferguson, Charlene “Char” Tabet, and David Dobson. The contenders are scheduled to speak at the Burbank Board of Realtors meeting at 2006 West... Read More →

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directors chair clipart

A Strong View: Stop runaway production

  If you are at all familiar with the motion picture industry no doubt you know about runaway production. Entertainment is big business here in Southern California and especially in Burbank. The major and independent studios probably do their best to employ locally. Yet, here in a time of economic deficiencies in the job market; the powers that be, whoever they may be, in charge of permits and rules governing what can be done where — are running productions out of town. Many studios, because of... Read More →

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Easter eggs in the grass clipart

Burbank Spring Egg-Stravaganza gets a calendar date

  It’s official. The revival of the Spring Egg-Stravaganza is on the city calendar and set for Saturday, March 30. A news released from city hall went out yesterday and there’s an announcement posted on the Burbank city website. Here’s the release from PIO Drew Sugars.   Spring Egg-Stravaganza Returns to Burbank   BURBANK, Calif. (March 14, 2013) – Dust off your baskets, the Spring Egg-Stravaganza is returning to McCambridge Park. The Burbank Park, Recreation and... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Burbank Public Information Officer, Drew Sugars, answered questions about the primary election ballot count process at the city council meeting, March 12, 2013

City Buzz: Spring Egg-Stravaganza gets a reprieve and the Burbank election revamp

Spring Egg-Stravaganza back on!   It’s not too often this Burbank City Council ignores the advice of a city department head — but it happened at last night’s council meeting during the discussion of the Spring Egg-Stravaganza. The event has been hotly debated since it got scrapped last year by the heartless staffers in the Park, Recreation and Community Services Department — allegedly due to a shortfall in funds and some dribble about too many out-of-towners, under the age of 10,  showing up to hobnob with... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Wonder/Hostess thrift shop and bakery at 6325 San Fernando Road Glendale November 2012

Twinkies are coming back!

There was an uproar when Hostess filed for bankruptcy last November, ending the production of some our favorite sweets likeTwinkies. Now there’s a good chance those golden sponge cakes with the cream filling, will be back on store shelves in Burbank and elsewhere in a few months. The reason: the successful bid of $410 million offered by private equity firms Apollo Global Management and Metropoulos & Co., according to CNN Money. Hostess reportedly accepted the bid on Monday, March 11. The purchase involves the... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- The NBC Studios sign has been transformed into The Burbank Studios at Olive Avenue and California Street in Burbank March 6, 2013

Photo Gallery: Changes at the former NBC Studios lot

Have you noticed, the NBC signs and its legendary peacock logo are disappearing from the  Burbank site at Alameda and Olive Avenues? The replacement, signage for The Burbank Studios. Worthe Real Estate Group bought the historic 34-acre lot in 2008,  for an undisclosed price.  The real estate developer has big, big plans for the lot. Check out the developer’s website for details. NBCUniversal reportedly will lease some of the space on the lot, but move most of its departments, including NBC News operations, to Universal City.

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Photo: FLLewis/ Media City G -- Mayor Dave Golonski held onto grandson Grant while giving a speech at the Burbank Coordinating Council 80th anniversary bash in Burbank, March 4, 2013

Flashback to the BCC 80th anniversary bash

A big turnout for the 80th anniversary luncheon/celebration for the Burbank Coordinating Council on Monday, March 4, 2013. As a member, I joined many of the BCC faithful in attending this bash along with invited guests, volunteers from various non-profits, community leaders and activists. Also there, some of the Burbank city staff and officials, including Vice-Mayor Emily Gabel-Luddy. On hand as well, the three incumbent councilmen running for re-election in the April 9, General Election, Dr. David Gordon, Jess Talamantes, and Mayor Dave Golonski. Councilman/Mayor, Dave Golonski, worked the room... Read More →

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flower animation

Spring forward on a Sunday in March

The good news — it’s going to be a warm, gorgeous spring like day in March for the Media City. On the flip side, thanks to Daylight Saving Time, Burbankers, and most folks living in the U.S., lost an hour of sleep — when the clocks were turned ahead an hour at 2 a.m.  However, you get it back in the form of an extra hour of daylight in the evening. The high today expected to be around 73 in B-town. Weather watchers predict a stretch... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Burbank on Parade 2012

Updated: Burbank on Parade needs volunteers

Burbank on Parade, that all volunteer, action-packed, annual community event, is preparing to roll down West Olive Avenue on Saturday April 6, 2013. However, there is still a lot of work to be done. Right now, there’s a critical need for volunteers, especially those with the skills to help build the floats. That means painters, carpenters, and artists. “We need creative people and people who can follow instructions,” Creative Director, Wayne Poirier, said in a news release.“It’s a lot of fun and a chance to use your imagination!” Read More →

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Photo: Janet Strong, North Screenland Drive resident, at a city council meeting in Burbank March 8, 2011

A Strong View: Fighting for respect from city hall

Recently, I was listening to one of the Burbank council meetings. A gentleman speaking on behalf of his neighbors asked for help with an ongoing problem of parking on their street. Some neighbors have driveways and others do not. This dilemma has some neighbors overlapping other folks’ driveways in order to park and is causing problems for city trash pick up as well. This neighborhood is being denied respect. Safety concerns for their health and welfare are being ignored. This is very wrong. Why does this neighbor and his neighbors... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/ Media City G -- Burbank City Council meeting March 5, 2013

Talk of the Town: Measure “S” victory and Burbank primary fallout

Victory for Measure “S” Supporters of Measure “S” in Burbank are celebrating victory. The numbers for Tuesday’s election are out and the improve Burbank schools measure won easily with 4, 053 “Yes” votes — which amounted to 61.45% of the tally. They needed 55% for approval. The $110 million bond will be funded by a property tax of $55 annually per $100,000 assessed value. I cast my ballot in the election at John Burroughs High School over in the 1900 block of Clark Avenue.  I voted... Read More →

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yes on measure s sign in Burbank

Election Day: The fate of Measure “S” to be decided

Measure “S” is on the ballot in Burbank today. The measure would give the Burbank Unified School District Board of Education the go-ahead to issue $110 million in bonds for school upgrades and improvements. Independent citizens oversight and annual audits are part of the provisions.  Measure “S” requires a 55% vote for passage.

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