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City Buzz: L.A. takes action to stop runaway production. What about Burbank?

Los Angeles has taken an important step in putting the brakes on runaway production. Will Burbank be next? Yesterday, Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, signed a city ordinance to waive fees for pilot productions in L.A. In a way, this is a no brainer, but it has been a long time in coming for the City of Angels. Garcetti wrote the legislation back when he was a city council member. Garcetti recognized then, the importance of keeping entertainment jobs in the Southland. Here’s what the L.A. mayor says about... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Haunted "Ladies Night Out" poster at the Pinup Girl Boutique 3606 Magnolia Blvd. Burbank October 24, 2013

A haunted “Ladies Night Out” tonight in Burbank

Get your Halloween spook on early while you shop, eat, and more at “Ladies Night Out” in Burbank this evening. Pinup Girl Boutique, 3606 West Magnolia Boulevard, is one of a number of retail stores, shops, and businesses in Magnolia Park preparing a haunting good time for visitors. The Magnolia Park Burbank Facebook page is a buzz with chatter and excitement about the event. Halloween fans of all ages are invited to come out and join the fun. Hey, here’s a chance to test out that... Read More →

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Photo of Ryan Reynolds next to wax figure courtesy PRNews/Madame Tussauds Hollywood

Ryan Reynolds becomes a wax figure in a Hollywood attraction

Actor Ryan Reynolds is a looker. He’s appear on several People magazine lists for most beautiful and sexiest celebrities. Back in November 2010, Reynolds won the title of People’s Sexiest Man Alive. And he’s a fan favorite. Recently, thousands of fans went on Facebook to vote in a contest held by Madame Tussauds Hollywood for the next celebrity to appear in wax. After three months of voting, Reynolds beat out a hot list of stars that included Ryan Gosling, Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Hudson, and Sofia Vergara to win the... Read More →

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Michael Jackson earns $160 million from the grave

  Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 of a tragic drug overdose, however, he’s still making tons of dough. Today Jackson topped  Forbes’ list of top-earning dead celebrities. The King of Pop reportedly scored $160 million over the past year. That beats the top living celebrity earner, Madonna, who collected $125 million from June 2012 to June 2013.  This makes Jackson the top earning celebrity in the world. A kind of immortality few celebrities achieve. Also, the entertainer is not just  earning money on the... Read More →

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Dating experiment lands couple movie and book deal!

Two New York singles who are friends with different relationship issues, tackle their problems head-on and together in a dating experiment. So for 40-days, Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, both designers, went through the motions of a relationship and shared it online. Their blog reportedly attracted two million unique visitors. It paid off for them big time. The experiment became a hot property in Hollywood. Last month, Warner Bros. beat out all contenders to buy the movie rights to their experiment.  Now the couple... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- A house on North Niagara Street gets the Halloween treatment Burbank October 3, 2013

Getting ready for Halloween

Some folks in Burbank are getting into the Halloween spirit. This house on North Niagara Street in Magnolia Park is host to a slew of spirits, spiders, and skeletal beings. I wouldn’t be surprised if more scary creatures arrived on the scene before fright night on October 31.  

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Car Box City logo

Box Car City fundraiser in Glendale this weekend

Have you seen the faces of the homeless? They are not just men and women, but children as well. On most nights in the San Fernando Valley, 11,000 children who are homeless, according to Family Promise For East San Fernando Valley, a local network of community and religious organizations. Family Promise helps homeless families find shelter and get a fresh start. This weekend, the non-profit is hosting Box Car City at the Glendale Church of Christ (where I’m a member). The event is designed to raise awareness and funds... Read More →

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Cover of Jim Carrey's children's book"How Roland Rolls"

Actor Jim Carrey self-publishes a children’s book

Actor Jim Carrey is now a  self-published author. He hasn’t given up acting, but he is passionate about his new children’s book, “How Roland Rolls,” released last week.  It’s aimed at kids 4-to-8 and it teaches some life lessons in the story of Roland a wave who is afraid he will be no more once he hits the beach. Carrey has played some very creative characters on the big screen, from Riddler in “Batman Forever” (1995) to the Grinch in Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” (2000) to... Read More →

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NBC Universal logo

Layoffs at NBC and Paramount

As the fall season kicks in, several major entertainment companies are trimming their staffs. Some members of the NBC digital team reportedly got the axe yesterday. Here’s more on Deadline. Also, more than a hundred people lost their jobs at Paramount on Tuesday. The job cutbacks hit a number of departments including finance, human resources, and even legal. It hasn’t been a great summer for Paramount. Sure Brad Pitt’s “World War Z” was a box office hit, but the studio also had some stinkers over... Read More →

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“The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” official main trailer released

The excitement is growing for the next big screen adventure from J.R.R. Tokien’s classic fantasy adventure novel,  known as “The Hobbit.”  Director Peter Jackson’s second installment, “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” is set to come out in theaters this December. The official main trailer for it was released yesterday. Check out the trailer here on the home page.

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clip art of rec carnation

Remembering five young car crash victims in Burbank

  Many in Burbank are grieving for the five you lives lost in that tragic car crash last Saturday. Burbank PD says the accident involved a single vehicle, a Nissan sedan, which was discovered around 4:13 a.m. September 28, “fully engulfed in flames” on San Fernando Boulevard near the Scott-Road off-ramp of the Golden State Freeway.  A female survivor was rushed to the hospital. The Burbank Leader has identified the fatalities as Malak Hariri, Sebastian Forero, Stephen Stoll, Sugey Cuevas and Sameer Nevarez. More on the victims... Read More →

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