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Photo: (l-r) Food Blogger Gwenna Hunter and Chef Chloe at opening of new vegan restaurant in Silver Lake May 31, 2016 -- photo courtesy Gwenna Hunter

Food Groove: New vegan restaurant opens in Silver Lake

I went to “by CHLOE.” vegan restaurant in Silver Lake because of Chef Chloe. She is a vegan celebrity who is known for her amazing vegan recipes and dishes at her New York City restaurant “by CHLOE.” For months, there’s been a lot buzz about this chain coming to the Southland. I wanted to be one of the first vegans to check it out and give my feedback! So, I was there for the grand opening last Tuesday, May 31, when the doors opened at 11 a.m. The restaurant is... Read More →

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Photo of Glendale Church of Christ minister Bryan Schackmann inside Dexter Avenue Baptist Church Montgomery, AL August 12, 2015

Travel Adventures: A tour of civil rights sites in Alabama

My name is Bryan Schackmann and I’m the minister at the Glendale Church of Christ. Last week I got the chance to travel on a bus with 10 white and 10 black pastors from churches across the United States to important sites from the Civil Rights movement in Alabama. It was a powerful and unique opportunity and I’m glad I got the chance to do it. We visited 16th St. Baptist Church in Birmingham, Dexter Avenue Baptist Church and Brown Chapel AME Church in Montgomery. These churches were actively involved... Read More →

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Photo courtesy Jesse "Tangk" Tangkhpanya

Guest Blogger: State budget and Burbank schools

Great news for Burbank Schools: Each year Governor Brown has a May Revision Budget, which is an update to the budget he puts out in January.  The May revision reflects Brown’s adjustments (and the political/fiscal realities that come with it) to the state’s current financial position. What does that mean for the Burbank community? Opportunity. Generally speaking, there’s more than $6.5 billion increase to the state’s General Fund from January’s proposal. It’s widely accepted that much of this surplus came from Proposition 30, the legislature’s unusual fiscal restraint, and a... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis / Media City G -- Ralph Persinger Magnolia Park merchant August 8, 2014

Guest Blogger: Magnolia Park merchant speaks out

My wife and I own BURBANK ANTIQUES & COLLECTIBLES at 3423 West Magnolia Boulevard on “Antique Row.” Our store specializes in mid-century and baby boomer collectibles. We’re not a thrift store or junk shop! Our merchandise is highly collectible. Many of our customers say our store brings back happy childhood memories. It would not be the same if “Antique Row” is replaced with new trendy electronics and new fashion accessory stores! There are already enough vintage clothing, Halloween stores, new retail outlets, coffee shops & restaurants in our business section of... Read More →

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Photo courtesy Jackie Waltman

Guest Blogger Jackie Waltman: Burbank mayor position. Is it time for a change?

It may be time to seriously talk about the position of Burbank City Mayor.  For years the position of Burbank mayor has been largely ceremonial. The position has been conferred on a rotational basis to council members by their colleagues.  This practice sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. First off, I would like to say that any citizen who is willing to step up to help guide the City should be applauded.  The city council plays a pivotal role in managing the quality of life in Burbank by ensuring that the... Read More →

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Photo of Reba Merrill courtesy Studio 10 Online

Guest Blogger: The secrets behind winning an Oscar

You might be surprised to know that to win an Oscar takes much more than talent. It takes a strategic campaign. Let me translate.  Outrageous budgets go towards lavish lunch and dinner parties to win the favor of Oscar voters.  Big publicity budgets go towards new 30 second TV spots, and self-congratulatory magazine and newspaper ads.  Does this sound familiar? Could it be that the studios are running a political campaign? Why all the hoopla?  Well, every Oscar win is money in the pockets of the releasing studio and let’s... Read More →

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Jean Youn: Stars and dream achievers

Which areas do you like most – sports, music, or movies? Do you have any particular favorite star in that area? Stars! Whatever the area may be, it must have some stars for people  to envy as well as love. And so often those who have ascended to stardom are called “dream achievers.” To first generation immigrants like me, those who have become stars, made a fortune or become famous, are regarded as the ones who have realized the American dream. Then, I came across a very interesting story. According... Read More →

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Guest Blogger: Boston Bombings, Confucius, and hero cops

Last week I felt heavy-hearted and saddened by the horrific Boston bombings. First of all, I share the sorrow of those who were injured and the families who lost loved ones. Especially, I would like to express gratitude and pay respect to the fallen police officer, MIT Police Officer Sean Collier, and other police officers who risked their lives in catching the suspects and maintaining the public safety and order. While I was contemplating about why on Earth this kind of incident happens, one story which I learned a long... Read More →

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Jean Youn: Being grateful for every day

I don’t know what all of you who are reading this post do for a living. I don’t know whether you do new and exciting work or repeat the same work every day. I am repeating basically the same work every day. In fact, that’s a distinctive characteristic of the cleaning business. Today, I would like to share with you one person’s story. She has repeated the same work over and over again every day for a long time, like me. She is Sue Jin Kang who is a Korean... Read More →

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Photo: Janet Strong, North Screenland Drive resident, at a city council meeting in Burbank March 8, 2011

Guest blogger: David Gordon and Bob Frutos have the right stuff

Burbank Councilman Dr. David Gordon has been fighting for the people of Burbank all by himself since he has been on the council.  Be it neighbors problems or that of small Business he is always there. Dr. Gordon stands for free enterprise and freedom of choice in our neighborhoods. There have been attempts by the opposition, especially Dave Golonski, to defame Gordon’s character — but it hasn’t worked. Dr. Gordon is still well respected. Golonski wants a one man town where he can dictate “His Pleasure” to an agreeable staff,... Read More →

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2013 clip art

Jean Youn: Welcome 2013

The year 2012 is coming to an end and the year 2013 is about to begin. Within any cultures, there are certain customs that are kept on certain days or periods. Some of them may be similar and some may be totally different, and even strange, according to other countries or ethnic groups. Today, I want to introduce a custom, which used to be kept on December 31 in Korea. The reason why I said “used to” is because it is hardly kept nowadays, as customs... Read More →

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Christmas bells graphic

Jean Youn: Christmas, past, present, and future

  It is December now. Soon we will exchange greetings with the words, “Are you ready for Christmas?” Of course, some people may not celebrate Christmas. However, around this time every year, most people exchange Christmas cards or greeting cards or presents, I think.   It is like an exchange of love and gratitude with neighbors, friends, and family members who we have cared about for the past year. This year, for whom, and what presents, are you preparing to give? The... Read More →

Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Jean Youn: The secret to a long life

It is probably everybody’s wish to live a healthy long life without getting sick. So there are a variety of stories and secrets of health and longevity across the ages and in all the countries in the world. One of them is a story about Okinawa, Japan, where most of its residents live long. Especially, people in the village of Okimi within Okinawa are known to have the longest lives. At the entrance of the village, there is a stone monument on which the following words are inscribed: If you... Read More →

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Give thanks graphic

Jean Youn: Being thankful

It is a Thanksgiving Day week. In other words, the end of the year 2012 is getting closer. There is no doubt that the lapse of one year to teenagers is beyond comparison to that of people in their seventies or eighties. However, that is just a difference in feeling. In fact, time flows at a constant speed and the flow of time is always fair to everybody. Then, what causes the differences in feeling? I wonder whether the duration of time we think we have... Read More →

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Veterans Day salute 2012

Jean Youn: Veterans Day and playing the castanets

Today is November 11, “Veterans’ Day.” I want to salute all the veterans for their sacrifice and bravery for this country. It is also 11.11 in Arabic numbers. Looking at the numbers 11.11, what comes to your mind first? People like me, growing up in a culture in which chop sticks are used, may think about them, chop sticks, before everything else. Or the numbers may make some people think about the castanets. The castanets are the musical instruments which make sounds by hitting two objects... Read More →

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November cli art

Jean Youn: November, time change, and a season of mums

Now, it is November. Daylight saving time ended today, because we turned our clocks back an hour to begin Standard Time.  From now on, the night time will seem even longer. Where is your hometown? If you spent your childhood in Australia, you’d remember that November is the beginning of spring there. If your hometown is located not just in Australia, but in a region in the Southern Hemisphere, the same would be true. In Korea where I spent my childhood, November is the time when fall... Read More →

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Garden Guru Emilio "Elmo" Telles at the Armstrong

Garden Guru: Fall planting from seeds in the Southland

Now’s the time to get those winter veggies ready to start! I have people coming in wanting to buy pepper and tomato seeds and I immediately show them what they should be planting now. Here in SoCal we have mild enough”winters” to start our cool season seeds this early. Green and root vegetables will do fine in our winters. Here are some seeds to start now. Remember the hot days might be a risk for starter plants (cool season) you’ll find growing at your nursery. That is kinda risky with the... Read More →

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letters clip art

Community Views and Letters: What Happened To Burbank?

This city council has become judge, jury, dictator, permit  dept., mastering water and power rate hikes: CONTROL” is the agenda. My departure from Mexico to raise my family in a free environment — with good schools and parks and to enjoy the beautiful family life we all hope to have, is why we came to Burbank. And now….. we are being told what to do and not to do. Burbank is showing all the signs of being used as an example of how socialism works. Hacking away... Read More →

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music clip art

Jean Youn: Positive message of “Gangnam Style”

Do you happen to hear the song or watch the video of “Gangnam Style” sung by a Korean singer, Psy? He is only the second Asian singer who has ever reached No. 2 on the Billboard chart. To be honest with you, I don’t understand why it became so popular worldwide. I can’t hear and understand clearly the lyrics, even though it is written in Korean. His dancing style seems strange to me. However, today I want to introduce a very unique story about the region,... Read More →

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letters clip art

Community Views and Letters: Two long time residents speak out

IN OUR OPINION We have lived in Burbank for many years.  It’s a shame our city council members, minus Dr. David Gordon, are  “JOYRIDING”  their way into city debt.  Borrowing and spending for much we do not need. All at the expense of this community.  Many, who do not VOTE, should, especially in this next election. If we allow the incumbents return to city council:  We will be throwing the last shovel of dirt over Burbank. The current council majority members play musical chairs voting for... Read More →

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fall harvest clip art

Jean Youn: Heaven on Earth

When we tell an old story, we start with the phrase, “A long, long time ago.”  But, Koreans begin like this, “A long, long time ago, during the era of the Koryo dynasty.” The current name, Korea, is derived from the Koryo, as Korea was first known to the Western world by that name. It is a story about 1,000 years old. A long time ago, during the era of the Koryo dynasty, there was a person, Inro Lee, who held a very high position at the Court, which may be equivalent... Read More →

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Election 2012 button clip art

Jean Youn: Elections, politicians, and a variety of opinions

It is a so-called political season in an election year. I’m not trying to talk about the election and politics as I don’t know much about them. There is a common saying that small businesses like mine fall into a slump in an election year. Well, how could I, a simple cleaner, know why people say so? Later this year, a presidential election will be held not just in America, but also in South Korea where I used to live. Thus, news and stories about politics... Read More →

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