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Garden harvest at the White House

Photo: Samantha Appleton/White House It’s harvest time at the White House. Earlier this spring, First Lady Michelle Obama and a team of young gardeners planted tons of fruits, veggies, and flowers in a plot on the White House grounds. This organic kitchen garden is now providing a serious haul of healthy eats. More than 90 pounds of produce has been harvested from this garden so far, according to the White House blog. Some of it has been used in the White House kitchen, but most has gone to nearby... Read More →

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Working off those holiday pounds in sunny California

FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Burbank   Now is definitely the time to kick that sluggish or dormant workout plan into high gear. The holiday noshing is over; the business of working off those extra pounds is well underway for a lot of folks. I was out this week, huffing and puffing my way through the Burbank foothills along with other walkers and joggers. This morning, when I stepped outside it was around 45 in Burbank. I thought that was a bit chilly. Still, today’s weather forecast is for sunny... Read More →

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Christmas time!

FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Burbank    SOMEDAY AT CHRISTMAS Someday at Christmas men won’t be boys Playing with bombs like kids play with toys One warm December our hearts will see A world where men are free Someday at Christmas there’ll be no wars When we have learned what Christmas is for When we have found what life’s really worth There’ll be peace on earth Someday all our dreams will come to be Someday in a world where men are free Maybe not in time for you and... Read More →

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How I captured the elusive agent

A guest blogger today – author Lynne Marshall. Lynne, a Registered Nurse, is building a second career as a writer. It hasn’t been easy. Like many writers, finding an agent has been a struggle. Recently, Lynne got an agent and she shares that experience along with tips for other writers in this post.    This picture pretty well sums up the way I felt the day I got the call from an agent saying she wanted to represent my book. First off, let me tell you a bit about myself.  My... Read More →

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Dean Koontz and a dog named Trixie

  It’s not unusual for a well-known author to join forces with another writer for a book. Nevertheless, New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz took this approach to another level when he decided to take a look at the world through the dog eyes of his beloved, Trixie.  First came “Life is Good! Lessons in Joyful Living, ” by Koontz and Trixie, in 2004. Then book two, “Christmas is Good,” followed. The third book called “Bliss To You: Trixie’s Guide to a Happy Life,” hit bookstores a few weeks ago on September 16.   Koontz talked... Read More →

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BBQ on Labor Day weekend

Handy Market cooks grilling to the max at a recent July BBQ. The grill team will be smoking in the parking lot of the Handy Market on West Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank today. The market has been open for business more than 35 years. Also, Handy Market has won the Burbank Leader Readers’ Choice Award for the best grocery store 12 years straight. Every Saturday, the market’s custom grill is fired up and laid out with turkey drumsticks, chicken sections, ribs, corn, sausages, and of course, the store specialty tri-tip. This is a major BBQ... Read More →

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Photo Gallery

The San Francisco Collection  Photos by FLLewis This is probably my favorite San Francisco photo from my recent trip. A moody evening scene. Sea lions lounge and occasionally perform for onlookers off the coast of Pier 39 – with Forbes Island and its lighthouse in the background.   Like some of these folks, I treated myself to some divine sweets from Chocolate Heaven at Pier 39. I love this place and could spend days here, ah, eating chocolate.   Near Pier 39 boats galore float... Read More →


TPing a nuisance or a joke or a crime?

Photo by FLLewis Some pranks never really die; they just get passed onto a new generation. TPing or toilet papering is one of those pranks that is repeatedly resurrected by neighborhood kids. If you are not familiar with the term or act, here’s a brief description: TPing is when a group of young marauders swoop down, usually at night, and drape a particular property with streams of toilet paper (white is the preferred color). TPing appears to be a suburb thing. I’ve never seen twisted toilet paper hanging from... Read More →

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A novelist’s heart

Crime novelist and former Los Angeles Times reporter Denise Hamilton greets folks standing in line to get copies of her books autographed at a writers’ event in Brea, last month.   Writer Denise Hamilton no longer has to limit herself to “who, what, when, where, how, and good-bye.” That’s how Hamilton bottom-lined the format for writing newspaper stories to the audience in her June 14 workshop at the Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America. During her ten years of pounding the pavement as a reporter for... Read More →

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Bargain prices at popular Burbank submarine sandwich shop

The American flags were out at this neighborhood eatery during the long 4th of July weekend. Many local businesses closed up shop during the long holiday weekend: not Giamela’s in Burbank. When I asked the owner, Edward Giamela, if he ever takes off. “We’re never closed.” He declared with a straight face and then smiled. “That’s a lie. We’re closed four days: Easter, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s.” Giamela continue to laugh and joke as he worked making sandwiches behind the counter with three male employees on the... Read More →

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A day to celebrate freedom of choice

American flags are flying all over the country including here in Glendale today. On America’s Independence Day, I celebrate freedom of choice. I went for a walk through the Burbank hillside area. I passed a home being demolished by a construction team. A number of gardening crews were out mowing lawns and blowing leaves around. The car wash at Glen Oaks Boulevard and Santa Ana Avenue was doing a brisk business. Many of the residential streets were lined with vehicles and the driveways filled — apparently a lot... Read More →

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