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Jean Youn: Heaven on Earth

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Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

Photo courtesy Guest Blogger Jean Youn

When we tell an old story, we start with the phrase, “A long, long time ago.”  But, Koreans begin like this, “A long, long time ago, during the era of the Koryo dynasty.” The current name, Korea, is derived from the Koryo, as Korea was first known to the Western world by that name.

It is a story about 1,000 years old. A long time ago, during the era of the Koryo dynasty, there was a person, Inro Lee, who held a very high position at the Court, which may be equivalent to the high ranking officer at the White House.

Then, he was obsessed with the idea that heaven exists somewhere on earth. After contemplation, he quit the enviable position and wandered all over the country to find the heaven which he thought existed somewhere.

Of course, he couldn’t find the heaven. But he left some words, which are still known today.

Those said:

Animals with four legs don’t have wings. Birds have wings but have only two legs and three toes. Cows don’t have upper teeth. Rabbits have weak front legs. No animals which have four legs, wings, horns, and upper teeth together exist in the world.

His words mean that there is no 100% satisfactory life in the world. Yet, there are many reasons to enjoy each day; one at a time.


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