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“Avatar” rules the Box Office and claims another record

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The sci-fi epic “Avatar” has rolled right over that other James Cameron mega-hit, “Titanic” to become the highest grossing movie of all time. “Titanic” held that record with $1.843 billion. No more. That record has been shattered by the alien adventure film. After 45 days, the worldwide gross for “Avatar” stands at an incredible $2.039 billion, according to Box Office Mojo

 Amazingly, “Avatar” is still going strong in theaters. This weekend, “Avatar” nabbed around $30 million at the domestic Box Office, holding onto the number one spot for the seventh straight week. Mel Gibson’s new drama, “Edge of Darkness,” grabbed second place with an estimated $17 million. After an eight year hiatus from acting which included some, uh, personal drama, Gibson stars on the big screen as a homicide detective who uncovers secrets while searching for the killer of his activist daughter.

A new romantic comedy, “When In Rome” came in third with about $12 million.  Kristen Bell stars in this light-hearted story of a single art curator who scoops up some coins from a “love fountain” in Italy and soon finds herself pursued by the aggressive suitors who tossed in those coins. Josh Duhamel stars as well.

The family comedy, “Tooth Fairy” scored $9.5 million in its second week to land in fourth. Rounding out the top five, “The Book of Eli” with $8 million, bringing the three week domestic total for that action sci-fi drama to $74.3 million.   


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