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Hellboy II burns rubber on the competition at the box office

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A really hot time at the movie theaters this weekend for some films. At the top of the list, a weird red demon/superhero with a surly attitude played by Ron Perlman. The number one movie in the U.S. is “Hellboy II: The Golden Army,” with an estimated haul of $35.9 million.

Will Smith’s “Hancock” came in second with $33 million, followed by the new 3-D version of “Journey to the Center of the Earth” with $20.6 million and starring Brendan Fraser. Another big name movie debuting this weekend, “Meet Dave,” headlined by Eddie Murphy bombed badly.

“Meet Dave” only managed $3.5 million for seventh place. Some critics gave this film a pretty good rating, but obviously it did not connect with audiences. I thought the poster campaign was dumb and it did not say enough about the movie’s plot to spark my interest.

“Meet Dave” is the second big summer comedy flick to bite the dust. “The Love Guru” starring Mike Myers earned around $14 million on its opening weekend. Both films reportedly cost somewhere in the $60 million range to produce.

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