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A Burbank parent shares her experience with the system

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The new school year is only about a week old , but it already has been an ordeal for some Burbank middle school students and their parents. As I first reported on this blog about a week ago, A Burbank city funded, long-running,  and very successful after school program was axed at David Starr Jordan Middle School, leaving some parents scrambling to find a safe alternative for their children.

One parent, I’m keeping her name confidential,  alerted me to the situation in an e-mail and has continued to give me her impressions of what the public is being told vs the reality of what’s going on. 

Last Tuesday, August 17, a Boys & Girls Club official told  me a new after school program sponsored by the club was available at Jordan Middle School. Yesterday, I found the club’s after school program listed on the Burbank Unified School District website.

However, the transition, from the old after school program to the new one, has been very bumpy, according to this parent who sent me an e-mail this evening:

“We signed up for Boys and Girls club today and happily paid our $75. No flyer was given to the children. The only way we would have known of it was through your blog.

I called B&G club about the privileges and the two people I spoke with didn’t know what I was talking about, neither did the person at Jordan so not sure what is involved.

At this stage, just glad I don’t have to worry about my child walking home (a kid was knocked down last week near the school) and am glad to be in a position to pay the $75 (cheaper than a speeding ticket).

So thanks Fronnie as you were hugely instrumental in getting this going. I am sick of paying and paying and getting shafted time and time again. No 13% pay raise for us.”

It’s a real bummer that these parents have been jerked around like this. These Burbank taxpaying citizens and their children deserve better from their city.

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