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A new development in singer Chris Brown’s assault case

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More legal drama in singer Chris Brown’s domestic violence case involving his model/pop star girlfriend, Rihanna. Today the Los Angeles Times is reporting that Brown’s attorneys have requested a closed-door hearing. Hmm, this means no media or the public allowed.

The L.A. Times story suggests the focus of the hearing will be the testimony of some witnesses. The hearing has been set for Monday, March 23, 2009 before Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Patricia Schnegg.

This may be another attempt at damage control by the Brown camp. Yesterday, the singer withdrew his name from the Kids’ Choice Awards ballot. That was a good idea. Also, there are reports out that Brown and Rihanna have reconciled and recorded a duet. If they think they can now go back to being just a regular celebrity couple, they need to get real. 

 It appears both careers and reputations have been tainted by this domestic violence incident/investigation: Brown more than Rihanna. Still at this point, I think very few people are interested in listening to a new duet on the radio by an alleged batterer and his suspected victim.

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