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A petition drive underway against FOX

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Nearly 100, 000 people reportedly have expressed outrage at FOX for using racism, prejudice, and fear to smear presumed Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama, that’s according to the political action website.

The site lists the charges against FOX … “First, a paid FOX commentator accidentally confused “Obama” with “Osama” and then joked on the air about killing Obama. Next, a FOX anchor said a playful fist pound by Barack and Michelle Obama could be a “terrorist fist jab.” And then, FOX called Michelle Obama “Obama’s baby mama” –slang used to describe the unmarried mother of a man’s child.”

South Bay activist and social diva, Dee Dee Brown dropped me an e-mail about the “FOX: Stop the Smears” campaign today.

For more on the campaign and the petition go to




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