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A series of powerful storms headed to the Southland

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Get those umbrellas out!  Major rainstorms are bearing down on Southern California. In Burbank this morning, light rain fell off and on. Weather experts say it’s just a precursor to some serious storm drama.  Yes, that means Valentine’s Day will more than likely be wet and cold. Yet, I doubt that will slow the celebration of love on Saturday; and that’s as it should be.

The first wave of bad weather is expected to pound our area this afternoon through the evening. Weather reports say we could get thunderstorms, hail, and gusty winds. A second big storm is supposed to roll through sometime on Sunday. And another one could slam into the Southland on Tuesday.

We got hit pretty hard with some storms just a short while ago. The ground hasn’t really had time to dry out and that increases the chances of flooding, and not just in the areas that were ravaged by wildfires last year. So drive carefully and stay on the alert!

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