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A Strong View: A repair shop that gets two thumbs up

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Photo: FLLewis/Media City G -- Guarantee Vacuum 1721 West Burbank Boulevard, Burbank 91506 April 29, 2013

Photo: FLLewis/Media City G — Guarantee Vacuum 1721 West Burbank Boulevard, Burbank 91506 April 29, 2013

1721 West Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, California 91506
Phone (818) 842-0357

Guarantee Vacuum is one of those small dependable businesses that dot the landscape of Burbank. It has been operating in Burbank for almost 45 years. Chris Dansak took over from his father in 1980 and is still running the business today.

As a boy, this store was a second home. On Saturdays, Chris could be found inside working alongside his father learning all about vacuums. When he became older, Chris helped deliver cleaned and repaired vacuum and ran other errands for his father.

Today Chris says some of those kids that came into the store when his father was alive are now grown and coming in with their kids. His store is just seven blocks East of Buena Vista Street and the nearest cross street is Orchard Drive. He sells, provides service and carries supplies for most models of vacuums.

I came across Chris by accident several years ago, after a bad experience at a vacuum repair shop I found in the phone directory. Without going into all the details. I was charged $48.50, and  told to come back tomorrow and my vacuum would be ready.  Needless to say, when I returned home with my vacuum and proceeded to try to use it, the vacuum still didn’t work. However, that shop owner claimed the vacuum was just fine.

I started my search again for reliable and competent repair shop and discovered that several blocks down the street was Chris, at Guarantee Vacuum. Upon entering the store, a very cheerful Chris said “hello” and proceeded to check out my vacuum.  In a snap, Chris confirmed the vacuum was not working. Chris repaired it, and at much less than what I paid at the other place. The vacuum is still working.

And, I have to say I am also a repeat customer to Guarantee. Chris is always there unless his kids are attending a school event or something serious comes up. He is a good family man and takes good care of his clients just as he takes care of his own family.

Pay Chris a visit if you need help with your vacuum. I guarantee, If Chris repairs it,  you will leave the store with a vacuum in good working condition.


Janet Strong is a retired motion picture costume artist, long time Burbank resident, concerned citizen, and blogger.

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