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A tentative agreement in the Screen Actors Guild labor dispute

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 Hollywood is buzzing over the tentative agreement announced today by the Screen Actors Guild and the big studios. After almost 10-months of fighting over contract issues and tons of behind the scenes drama at SAG, there’s now a two-year deal, however, some hurdles still remain to be cleared before it’s a done deal.

Both the Screen Actors Guild and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers have announcements about the agreement up on their websites. Neither is offering details of the pact until it can be reviewed by SAG’s National Board.

 The SAG panel is set to review the agreement on Sunday and is widely expected to put its stamp of approval on it. The big question is will SAG’s 120,000 plus membership ratify the agreement. So there’s a deal and a cliffhanger for folks in Tinseltown to ponder this weekend.

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