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A total lunar eclipse over the Southland tonight

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Lunar eclipse 2004

Lunar eclipse 2004

A total lunar eclipse over the Southland tonight. In a rare celestial show, the sun, Earth, and moon will line up. Also,  the Earth’s shadow falls over the moon its color will change — creating what is known as a “Blood Moon.” Depending on the weather, the moon may appear more brown than red or rose. This astronomical event is expected to play out in our sky beginning at 11 p.m. and lasting three hours or so.

The most recent full moon eclipse occurred back in December of 2011. Tonight’s eclipse is extra special since it is the first of a tetrad, four total eclipses about six months apart. The last time there was foursome of eclipses was in 1967. Down through the ages, superstitions have been attached to the “Blood Moon.” Some even thought it meant the end of the world was near. So far, none of that negative drama has panned out.

Meanwhile, NASA will be streaming telescope views of the eclipse and hosting a live web chat as well tonight. NASA astronomer, Mitzi Adams, and astrophysicist, Alphonse Sterling, are scheduled to answer questions from the public during the web chat.

If you can’t stay up and watch the eclipse, most likely, there will be tons of photos and videos in the media tomorrow.

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