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Another hot, hot day in the Media City

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The sun is going to be roasting Burbank again today. I made the mistake of going to the Downtown Post Office on East Olive Avenue at around 4:15 yesterday afternoon. If you thought it was sticky hot outside — well, it was more so inside that historic old building without air conditioning!!!

Postal workers and customers were sweating in what felt like an oven. There were some fans going behind the counter — so the employees had it a little bit better than those us stuck standing out front in line for 20 or 30 minutes.

Today the high is expected to be somewhere between 92 and a 101 in B-town.  Oh, and according to the forecast,  the high temps will hover in the mid-80s- to-the-90s for the rest of the week.  Stay cool and chill out when you can.

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