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Another winter storm pounds the Southland

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UPDATED 12:30 p.m: Monday, January 3rd, 2011

This very cooold storm is slowly moving East, leaving behind clearing skies, some sun, and a few showers here and there in Burbank and the rest of SoCal. As the rain diminishes, the winds are expected to kick up. The weather watchers are predicting winds of 15-to-25 mph with gusts reaching possibly 30 mph this evening and overnight.


Another frigid weather system is hovering over Burbank and the rest of the Southland today. I was out this afternoon in that cold rain with temperatures in the 40s and it was no fun at all. More rain through tonight, heavy at time. Showers are in the forecast for tomorrow, too.

If you think it’s cold here — in Palmdale, Lancaster, and the Santa Clarita — temperatures are in the low 30s and snow is falling in those places!!!  Snow and black ice are causing problems on some SoCal highways and roads as well. For those holiday revelers driving home — it’s a slow, treacherous ride.

This storm should roll out of here by Tuesday, and then we’ll have partly cloudy skies, some sunshine, and slightly warmer temperatures. No rain in the forecast clear through Saturday — maybe we’ll really get some time to dry out from a series of heavyduty storms.

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