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Arrest warrant canceled for actress Lindsay Lohan

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Beverly Hills Courthouse


A Beverly Hills Superior Court Judge today cleared actress Lindsay Lohan of any probation violation. Lohan did not attend this morning’s court hearing, but her attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, did. The hearing lasted around an hour and Holley came out and told reporters it was just a misunderstanding, “… this was really much ado about nothing.”

There was some sort of mix-up involving documentation dealing with Lohan’s treatment program. Holley says the problem developed when the 22-year-old actress switched programs. The mix-up led to an arrest warrant being issued for Lohan, last Friday.

As part of a plea agreement for two 2007 DUI incidents, Lohan was sentenced to 18 months in an alcohol treatment program and three years probation.

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One Response to Arrest warrant canceled for actress Lindsay Lohan

  1. Erin Tuesday, March 17, 2009 at 6:04 pm #

    She always manages to get out of trouble… but it will only be temporary. This is just part of the cycle where people feel bad for her, her ratings go up. Then the next time, she’ll do something worse and then they’ll go down. But then she’ll correct herself and make people feel bad again, etc…. never ends.

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