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Barack Obama teams up with Spider-Man

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Barack Obama and Spidey share a fist-bump in Marvel Comics’ upcoming special issue of “Amazing Spider-Man.”


President-elect Barack Obama has met plenty of famous people, but next week he will get a rare opportunity to hang with a superhero. On January 14, Marvel Comics plans to release a special issue of “Amazing Spider-Man” featuring Obama.

The story line of “Spidey Meets the President” revolves around an old foe of the web-slinger trying to disrupt the swearing in ceremony of the 44th president during the inauguration ceremony in Washington, DC on January 20. “”When we heard that President-Elect Obama is a collector of Spider-Man comics, we knew that these two historic figures had to meet in our comics’ Marvel Universe,” says Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. “Historic moments such as this one can be reflected in our comics because the Marvel Universe is set in the real world. A Spider-Man fan moving into the Oval Office is an event that must be commemorated in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man.”

 Reports have been flying around for a while about Obama being part geek. Nevertheless, his appearance in the special issue of “Amazing Spider-Man”  is unusual, but not unprecedented; example in 1963, President John F. Kennedy was depicted in Action Comics #309 where he protected the secret identity of Clark Kent.

Still, it’s pretty cool that Obama is going to be teaming up with one of the most popular superheroes ever. Marvel Comics will be shipping “Amazing Spider-Man” #583 to comic book stores nationwide. The issue is expected to quickly become a collector’s item when it goes on sale next Wednesday.

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