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Battle over gay marriage far from over

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Lori Shepler/Los Angeles Times

Police moved on gay rights activists who reportedly refused to disperse during a protest in Long Beach Friday night.

Over the weekend, thousands of protesters marched up and down the state slamming the passage of Proposition 8, the anti-gay marriage measure. In Long Beach Friday night, 15 people were arrested during one demonstration.

On Saturday, more than 12-thousand marched in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles; thousands more took to the streets in San Diego and Oakland. The protests continued yesterday in Sacramento, Lake Forest, and many other California cities. 

In what turned out to be a shock to many opponents, Proposition 8 was approved by 52 percent of the voters last Tuesday. Once the shock wore off, some took to the streets to show their anger, while others filed legal challenges to that ballot measure which amends the state constitution to outlaw same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is reportedly encouraging gay activists to keep up the fight and predicts Proposition 8 will be overturned by the State Supreme Court.

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