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Best days to get cheapest airfares? Not on the weekend

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Thinking of planning a relaxing getaway or even a business trip? For air travel, the weekend is not the best time to buy tickets. A recent survey from Boston travel-tech company Hopper found… ” Thursday is the cheapest day to purchase a ticket, with weekends the worst.” according to Businessweek.

The bargain airfares are for Wednesday departures and returns are cheapest on Tuesday for domestic flights and on Wednesday for international trips. The difference between the worst and best fare could be as little as 10 bucks on a domestic flight and up to $60 on an international ticket.

If you have done in any travel, you have most likely discovered “… Friday was the most expensive day to fly home both domestically and abroad…” and it is probably “…  because Friday and Sunday are two of the heaviest traffic days for airlines worldwide.”

The survey company admits the airlines make it tough for consumers to “outwit them,”but there are still ways for air travelers to get good deals. More here.

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