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Bill, Hillary, and that Obama cabinet job offer

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Google Image -Bill and Hillary Clinton


I’m not feeling the Bill and Hillary Clinton love like I have in the past. Rumors are flying that President-elect Barack Obama is considering his former rival for Secretary of State. Senator Hillary Clinton has not said publicly if she is interested, but actions by her husband suggest she is.

There are reports that Bill Clinton has agreed, for the first time, to release the names of big donors to the Clinton Foundation, submit to strict ethics review of his speeches, as well as other concessions in order to get Hillary a cabinet post. The Obama camp reportedly has worries that the former president’s activities would create conflict of interests for the senator if she becomes Secretary of State.

Now, Bill gets points for trying to improve Hillary’s chances of getting an Obama job, however, I gotta ask — why didn’t the former president offer to make these concessions when his wife was running for President of the United States?? If his activities might prove to be a conflict for a cabinet post, they were definitely a conflict if his wife became president.

 I lost quite a bit of respect for the Clintons back when Obama began to pull ahead in the race for the Democratic nomination for president. Instead of taking the high ground, both Bill and Hillary acted badly by launching a mean spirited and very negative campaign against Obama. I was a Hillary supporter until I was convinced by Obama’s message of change to switch presidential candidates.

I know they say a smart leader keeps his enemies or dubious friends close, but inviting Hillary into the Obama cabinet maybe too close for comfort.

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