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Biz Bits: Nasdaq hacked,Google hiring, NBC staffer fired over video

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Hackers breach Nasdaq security

The Internet is buzzing today about a report of a hacker attack on Nasdaq OMX Group, the company that runs the U.S. stock exchange and several others around the world. The Feds are investigating the computer intrusion — which occurred sometime last year. More about this on the Computerworld website.

Google on a hiring spree

Google logo

The word is out. Google is hiring. Last week, the Internet search giant got flooded with more than 75,000 applications, according to a Los Angeles Times article. That’s a company record. At the end of 2010, Google had around 24,400 employees. By the beginning of 2012, the innovative company plans to grow to more than 30,000.

NBC staffer fired for posting news clip on YouTube

An NBC staffer reportedly posted a vintage news clip of morning anchors Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel discussing “what is the Internet?” with reporter Elizabeth Vargas on YouTube. It went viral. Apparently NBC executives were not happy to see the off-air clip from 1994 get that kind of play. The staffer was reportedly fired and NBC is trying to get YouTube to take down the news clip.

The Wrap has more on the dust-up and a copy of that now infamous video.

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