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Biz Bytes: Box Office record & Bernie Madoff’s victims speak out

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Hollywood movies are raking in the dough

Hollywood films are making a ton of money, serious green, like in the billions of dollars. The 2009 Box Office should reach $9.681 billion today, surpassing the best-year ever record of $9.680 billion set in 2007, according to This is a surprise for a couple of reasons: one there are still about three weeks left in the year and some big movies will hit theaters during that time and number two, the economy is clawing its way out of a recession!!

If money is rolling into Hollywood like that, why are there so many lay-offs, cutbacks, job freezes, and entertainment folks out looking for work?  It shouldn’t be just the Tinseltown honchos, bigwigs, and a few fortunate ones singing and enjoying  “a holly jolly Christmas” this season.

Bernie Madoff’s victims want more protection for investors

Some of the folks who got scammed by big time crook Bernie Madoff told their heartbreaking stories of financial ruin to a congressional subcommittee today. They want the laws changed to safeguard all the money of investment fraud victims. The disgraced financier is now serving a 150-year prison term for that huge swindle, put at around $65 billion. Here’s the story.

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