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Biz Bytes: Vote on the best plan to save taxpayer dollars & holiday shoppers holding back

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Federal employees come up with thousands of ways to save money

It was a simple idea, but boy did it pay-off big time. At the end of September, President Obama’s SAVE Award contest was launched by the Office of Management and Budget. Federal workers were asked to come up with ways to save taxpayer money by making the government perform more effectively and efficiently.

In three weeks, they got 38,484 entries! Some of the plans were so good that the Obama administration is already working on putting them into practice.

The President’s SAVE Award will go to the best of the best. You can help pick the winner by casting your vote.  More details on The White House Blog.

Holiday shoppers waiting for last minute bargains

The uncertain job market has many shoppers spending less or holding out for those pre-Christmas deals this holiday season, that according to a new survey. This is bad news for retailers and the weak economy. The story is on the Reuters website.

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