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Book authors rally for Barack

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Some published authors are not sitting on the sidelines waiting for Election Day, they’re taking action on the Internet. Novelist Ayelet Waldman is a long-time supporter of Barack Obama and she has come up with a fundraising hook that is really catching on. Waldman is the author of “Love and Other Impossible Pursuits,” “Daughter’s Keeper,” and the Mommy Track mysteries.

Waldman launched the website on September 3, 2008 and has raised $120,000 since then, according to Publishers Weekly. Waldman asked writer friends to donated signed copies of their books to entice people to donate to the Obama campaign. And it worked. Waldman got help from author husband, Michael Chabon, and friends like Amy Tan. 


They have more than 750 books which include titles from Stephen King, Alice Sebold, Dennis Lehane, Jhumpa Lahiri, and Lemony Snicket. Anyone who donates $250 or more will get a tote bag stuffed with 10 randomly selected books, many are rare or first editions. The offer stands until October first or the books run out.



Popular young adult author Mauren Johnson is also a big supporter of Obama. Recently, she started the website  The website is a social network for YA authors, fans and friends to come together to support Obama for President.

 Johnson’s latest novel “Suite Scarlett” was released in May. She has written several other YA novels including “Girl at Sea,” and “Devilish.”

Also, there is a great post on the YA for Obama website by bestselling author, Judy Blume who has written dozens of young adult, children’s, and adult books. Blume’s post is called,”Why I support Obama.”

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