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Olympic deal for “Say It Right in Chinese.”

The U.S. Olympic delegation has scooped up more than 500 copies of a Chinese language book.

“Say It Right in Chinese” will be handed out to members of the U.S. Olympic team to help athletes and their support members communicate better with their hosts in Beijing.

“Say It Right in Chinese” is published by McGraw-Hill and presents several hundred essential Chinese words and phrases. Author Betty Chapman founded Easily Pronounced Language Systems, an innovative teaching method and popular series of language books.

Starbucks still in the book biz.

The tight economy has forced a lot of people to give up their pricey Starbucks’ coffee drinks. In reaction to the slow down in business, the company launched some cost-cutting measures – which have included closing a number of its stores.

For now it appears the coffee chain’s book program is safe. Helen Cooper’s memoir, “The House at Sugar Beach: In Search of a Lost African Childhood” has been picked as Starbucks’ next book selection.

Cooper is a New York Times journalist who writes about coming of age during the turbulent 1980s in Liberia and her family’s exile to America, leaving behind a foster sister she set out to find decades later.

Simon & Schuster has announced a first printing of 125, 000. Cooper’s memoir will start appearing in more than 6,500 branches of Starbucks on its release date, September 3.

More details on the Publishers Weekly website.

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