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Book deals and buzz for two screenwriters-turned-novelists

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Hollywood is gung-ho right now for film projects based on material from other mediums — particularly comics and novels. Screenwriter Suzanne Corso has written a number of unproduced scripts, but she recently hit the big time with her first novel. Corso wrote a coming-of-age story, based on personal experience, about a teenager in Brooklyn during the 1970s who falls for a local Mafioso wannabe, according to Publishers Weekly.

The novel, “Brooklyn Story” was picked up by Simon & Schuster for publication. Also, Director Penny Marshall grabbed the film rights. Some top talent has signed onto the project, among them Lorraine Bracco, Olympia Dukakis, and Armand Assante.

Also listed recently on the Publishers Weekly website, screenwriter/playwright p.g sturges sells his debut Tinseltown crime novel, “Shortcut Man,” to Scribner. The plot centers around a P.I. named Dick Henry and a case involving a Hollywood producer’s cheating wife. The writer’s father is famous Screenwriter/Director Preston Sturges (who did not spell name in all lower case letters). The father won an Academy Award for the screenplay “The Great McGinty” in 1941. He was best known for directing screwball romantic comedies like the classic,”The Lady Eve,” which starred Henry Fonda and Barbara Stanwyck (1941).

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