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Burbank assault suspect due in court Monday

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Photo courtesy KTLA

Photo courtesy KTLA

A Burbank assault suspect is due in court tomorrow in connection with an alleged kidnapping and officer involved shooting. It began last Thursday morning shortly after 4 a.m. Burbank Police responded to a call at West Victory Boulevard and Buena Vista Street where a 36 year-old woman claimed she had been kidnapped.

” She gave a very specific description of the suspect vehicle.  A short time later a pickup truck matching the suspect vehicle description was seen traveling west on Victory Boulevard by our officers., ” according to Burbank Police Sergeant Claudio Losacco.  Soon after talking to the alleged victim, officers spotted the truck driving west on Victory Boulevard and gave chase. The suspect, 21 year-old Arthur Papiyan pulled over near Pass Avenue. During the stop, Sgt. Losacco says Papiyan, ” placed his truck into reverse, backed up and subsequently struck the police car, which precipitated an officer involved shooting.” The officers were not injured.

The suspect reportedly was struck in the back by a round that went through the driver seat. Losacco explained the situation:”… it did not penetrate Papiyan’s skin, but rather caused a significant bruise.”  He was treated at a local hospital and then booked for assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer.

Meanwhile, investigators are still trying to verify the kidnapping account by the victim, who was arrested for two outstanding misdemeanor prostitution warrants.

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