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Burbank City Council race down to the wire

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Photos: FLLewis/A Writers Groove

The heated Burbank City Council race is headed for the finish line with the election this Tuesday, April 14. The campaign mailings have slowed down to a trickle. Still, the last minute push is underway for those voters who have not mailed or dropped off their ballots yet. Six candidates are spending thousands of dollars in hopes of collecting enough votes to win one of three open seats on the powerful council.

The contenders are Educator Elise Stearns-Niesen, Technical Research Analyst Garen Yegparian, Incumbent Dr. David Gordon, Associate CIO Kimberly Jo, Human Relations Manager Jess Talamantes, and Incumbent/Mayor Dave Golonski. Meanwhile, there is some new information about Jo on the Burbank city website.  

In a post back on March 16, I reported that on the City Clerk’s Office candidates contact information page, Jo was the only one with a blank space next to her name. The other five candidates had phone numbers listed. Today I checked that same web page and found it now shows a phone number for Jo. Recently, I have heard about complaints concerning Jo’s alleged lack of response to questions sent to her through her e-mail address. Perhaps, these are just minor glitches in a young candidate’s first serious run for public office. Many of Jo’s yard signs are on display in the Burbank hills and other neighborhoods as well. In the primary election, Jo finished fourth out of a field of 13 candidates. Clearly she has support in the town; the question is will it be enough to win a seat on the council. The answer will come from voters on Election Day.

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