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Burbank cracks down on water wasters

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Burbank is cracking down hard on water wasters. Last week, Burbank Water and Power reportedly fined 16  repeat offenders , all residents, $100 each after they “… were contacted several times previously but continued to waste water, such as watering on the wrong day or during daylight hours,” according to a news release from the BWP today.

Last month, the Burbank City Council gave the utility the go-ahead to begin “assessing fines against Burbank residents and businesses,” who continue to waste water after being told they are in violation of the City’s Sustainable Water Use Ordinance. By the way, we’re at stage 11 of that ordinance for only a few more days. Back on May 14, the council approved tougher water restrictions by moving to stage 111 of that ordinance on June first.

The strict water restrictions are the result of the four-year California drought and Governor Brown’s recent executive order, under which Burbank is required to reduce usage by 28 percent.

In Burbank the water waster fines “begin at $100 and progress to $200 for the same infraction occurring within 12 months of the first fine; any additional infraction thereafter would receive $500 fines.” However, a fine maybe waived if  “… the behavior is corrected and the fined resident or business attends a free three-hour BWP landscape workshop.” All fines collected reportedly will go to help support water conservation efforts for low-income residents.

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