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Burbank home invasion robbery victim fights back

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Photo of Burbank resident Gerri Dickinson courtesy KTLA

Photo of Burbank resident Gerri Dickinson courtesy KTLA

Gerri Dickinson is one feisty and brave senior citizen. Dickinson, 89, is recovering today from injuries suffered in a brutal battle with a home invasion robber. The criminal forced his way into her Burbank home in the 1000 block of Cornell Drive last Friday night at around 8:30 p.m. Dickinson says the robber told her, “I came to get your stuff.” The robber probably expected the elderly resident to cower in the corner — but that didn’t happen. Instead, Dickinson fought with the robber who eventually fled the scene. The victim called for help using her medial alert system.

The violent altercation left her badly bruised and with injuries that sent her to the hospital. However, she returned home yesterday and appeared on several local TV stations talking about her ordeal. Burbank Police are investigating the crime.

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