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Burbank Northwest Library: Officially open for business today

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Back in business! The Northwest Branch of the Burbank Library officially reopened to the public today. As reported here earlier here, the branch at 3323 West Victory Boulevard was closed last August for earthquake retrofitting, up grades, and general renovations.

A ribbon cutting ceremony and open house was held last Saturday. Great piece about the event by Joyce Rudolph on MyBurbank.

The Northwest branch was completed in October of 1972, for around $195,000. How much did the new overhaul cost? Well, the work was included with another project. Burbank Public Information Officer, Drew Sugars, explained it this way: “The Northwest Library seismic retrofit was part of a dual project that included the library and a Street Supervisor’s Office (economy of scale for lower price). The combined budget for both was estimated to be $617,622. A FEMA grant funded $463,217 of the cost while the City matched (per FEMA requirement) $154,405 which is the difference between the estimated cost and the grant reimbursement which the City will receive after the projects are completed.” Bottom line, the final cost for the Northwest  Library improvements would be the $154, 405. Sounds like a bargain to me. The Burbank Library is an incredible resource for the community.

The Northwest Branch is open Monday-Friday, noon- 6 p.m.

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