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California DMV investigating possible credit card data breach

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The California DMV has one of th worst reputations for long lines and poor customer service. Now a possible credit card data hack may add to the image problems for that department, which handles transactions for more than 23 million drivers and registrations for at least 32 million vehicles. Now, the DMV has launched an investigation into security breach, which could involve millions of transactions.

Over the weekend, the DMV posted a statement on its website stating it had been  alerted by law enforcement to a “… potential security issue within its credit card processing services.” The DMV insists: “There is no evidence at this time of a direct breach of the DMV’s computer system.”

Media reports say the focus is on Internet transactions made through the DMV website between August 2013 and  January of this year. Credit card numbers, expiration dates and the security codes on the back of the cards, could have been stolen during that period.

The DMV promises to update its website on the investigation.

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