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California high court to hear challenges to gay-marriage ban

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FLLewis / A Writer’s Groove – Burbank

Today the California Supreme Court handed opponents of Proposition 8 a partial victory. The high court agreed to review several lawsuits that challenge the anti-gay marriage measure, which passed by 52 percent in the General Election earlier this month. A hearing is set for next March.

The proposition amends the state constitution to restrict marriage to “a man and a woman.” Since the November 4 election, angry gay-rights activists have marched in the streets and mounted legal action. Even though the high court will review the appeals, it will not block enforcement of Proposition 8, which outlaws same-sex marriage in the state. Also, it leaves up in the air those same sex couples who tied-the-knot in the past few months.

Both sides are so entrenched in their beliefs, I don’t think a ruling from the California Supreme Court will settle the matter. Last May, the high court struck down Proposition 22, a measure passed by the voters in 2000 that also banned gay marriage. Proponents claim they’re protecting traditional marriage. Gay advocates insist this is a civil rights issue.  

How ever the high court rules, eventually, I see this controversy ending up in front of the U.S. Supreme Court for a final decision.

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