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California players win Mega Millions money

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Several Mega Millions players who bought tickets in California for last night’s draw — are really glad they did. Today they’re probably dancing around singing  the line, “money, money, money, money, mon-ey,” from that  O’Jays’ hit, “For the Love of Money” (1973).

The winner of the $51 million jackpot bought the lucky ticket at Stuarts Oak Street Mobil, 2 Oak Street in Bakersfield. That ticket has all of the winning numbers: 1, 16, 29, 36, 50, and the Mega Ball 16.

Another ticket purchased in San Francisco had all the numbers right, except the Mega Ball. That ticket is worth $220,311. Two tickets bought in the Golden State had four of the winning numbers and the Mega Ball.  Each of those tickets can be cashed in for $30,042.  Hey, is one of those tickets yours?

Next, Mega Millions draw is this Friday, May 6, at 8 p.m. The jackpot  — at least $12 million.

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