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California Primary coming check your voter registration

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Presidential Race 2016 graphic

So far, the presidential nomination for the Republicans as well as the Democrats still up for grabs. Billionaire/ Reality TV star,  Donald Trump, and former-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, extended their leads as front-runners in yesterday’s New York Primary. Trump, the Republican, and Clinton, the Democrat, both have set their sights on the California Primary and its huge pool of delegates.

Usually, the nominations are locked up long before the voters in the Golden State get the chance to cast their primary ballots. However this time around, the California Primary is very important in the race for delegates and may even decide who gets the nomination or at least, who goes into the convention with the biggest haul of delegates.

Now is a good time For Californians to check their voter registration. You need to re-register if you have chanced your home address, chanced your name or want to switch your political party affiliation. Without a party preference, you can still vote for a presidential candidate in the Democratic, American Independent, or Libertarian parties. However,  you have to be a party member to cast your vote for a Republican, Green, or Peace & Freedom candidate. You have about a month, the deadline is May 23, to make any changes or to register to vote for the June 7 primary.

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