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California Supreme Court rules on anti-gay marriage Proposition 8

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Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Burbank

The battle over same-sex marriage has been long and contentious in California. Today the state supreme court ruled the ban on gay marriage, Proposition 8, is constitutional, but that doesn’t appear to settle the debate. That’s because the high court’s ruling allows 18,000 gay marriages, that occurred before the proposition was approved by the voters, to stand. It’s a partial victory for both sides, but not a clear cut ruling on the issue.

Last November, the controversial ban on gay marriage passed on a 52 percent vote. Proposition 8 amends the state constitution to allow marriage only between a man and a woman. The ballot measure overturned a ruling by the state supreme court last spring, which legalized same-sex marriage.

Several states have wrangled with this issue. Massachusetts, Iowa, Vermont, and Maine have legalized same-sex marriage. More than likely, voters in California will be faced with a new ballot measure on gay rights and the definition of marriage very soon. 

The way I see it, the issue could easily be settled if those who believe in traditional marriage exchange wedding vows with someone of the opposite sex; and those who believe in same-sex marriages, well, they should tie-the-knot with someone of their own gender. That’s a live and let live solution, which would resolve all this controversy. Too bad it’s not that easy.  So get ready for more protests, election campaigns, and probably court cases involving the issue.

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