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California voters turn thumbs down on five budget propositions

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Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove — Burbank Polling Place/Joaquin Miller Elementary School

California voters didn’t just reject five of the propositions championed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and other legislators as fixes for the financially-strapped state budget, they slammed them to the mat in yesterday’s special election. Propositions 1A through 1E were soundly defeated by huge margins.


Proposition 1A  “Rainy Day” Budget Stabilization Fund          34.1% Yes   65.9% No

Proposition 1B   Education Funding Payment Plan                37.4% Yes    62.6% No   

Proposition 1C   Lottery Modernization Act                           35.4% Yes    64.6% No

Proposition 1D   Children’s Services Fund                             34.2% Yes    65.8% No       

Proposition 1E   Mental Health Funding Temporary Reallocation 33.6% Yes  66.4% No       

The only measure passed by the voters yesterday is 1F, which would prevent state officials from pocketing salary increases in years when there’s a budget deficit. That measure won by a landslide statewide, 73.9% Yes to 26.1% No. In Los Angeles County, voters overwhelmingly supported the measure by more than two-to-one with 69 % Yes to 31% No.


Photo: FLLewis/A Writer’s Groove – Burbank City Hall


When I voted at Joaquin Miller Elementary Tuesday afternoon, I saw mostly grim faced voters in line and a couple of harried pollworkers trying to process them. Later, I walked into Burbank City Hall for a city council meeting and found a table of smiling and cheerful pollworkers. The voters here didn’t look any happier about the task at hand, but the pollworkers were in a great mood, even though most of them had been on the job since early that morning.

Election Inspector, Silva Kechichian, told me voters had come in a “steady” trickle all day long. Kerchichian rated the turnout “good” for a special election. She admitted Tuesday’s turnout was nothing like the long lines and crowds that showed up for last November’s presidential election.

Burbank city hall pollworkers, Lilian Avila, Narcisco Dulao, Melina Alaka, and high school junior Brooke Johnson expressed excitement about the voting process and their part in it. They said they want to do it all again –together– the next election. Three cheers for the pollworkers!

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