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Cinderella Story: Author signs with major agent

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Kindle — Amazon’s popular wireless reading device

On Thursday, Freelance Writer Gayle Trent signed with a big time agent after one of her mystery novels became a bestseller in Amazon’s Kindle Store, which has around 400,000 e-books, magazines, newspapers, and blogs.

Small independent publisher of books set in or about the South, BelleBooks, recently offered Trent’s mystery, “Murder Takes The Cake,” in the Kindle Store as part of a temporary promotion.  Well, the mystery shot to number three on Kindle’s bestseller list.

What happened next sounds like a  writer’s fantasy. Trent told GalleyCat she got an e-mail from Super Agent Robert Gottlieb of the Trident Media Group and first thought it might be some new Nigerian e-mail scam. However, she finally got up the nerve to respond to the e-mail: “I was pleasantly surprised–okay, thrilled–when I called the number at the bottom of the e-mail and learned it was legitimate and that Mr. Gottlieb was indeed interested in talking with me.”

Also, “Murder Takes The Cake” was a semi-finalist in’s Breakthrough Novel Award contest.  Nice to see a semi-finalist score the big win. More on Trent, her novel, and hooking up with a major agent here.

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