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Watch out for counterfeit currency

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Yesterday, City Hall sent out a crime alert e-mail warning about fake $100 bills being passed in Burbank. Los Angeles County businesses have seen a rise in phony $100 bills, according to the crime alert, which is posted on the city website as well.

The U.S. $100 note is a favorite target of scam artists and counterfeiters around the world. The U.S. Treasury Department tries to stay a step ahead of the crooks with new security measures.  A new C-note with some high-tech features and safeguards, including a 3D security ribbon, was due to be released soon, but production has hit a snag.

A press release from the Federal Reserve earlier this month explained the delay:”The Bureau of Engraving and Printing manufactures Federal Reserve notes and has identified a problem with sporadic creasing of the paper during printing of the new $100 note, which was not apparent during extensive pre-production testing. As a consequence, the Federal Reserve will not have sufficient inventories to begin distributing the new $100 notes as planned.” The new Benjamins were supposed to be available next February.

The city crime alert is urging everyone to be “cautious” when accepting $100 bills. If you get some suspicious currency, contact the Burbank Police Department at 1-818-238-3000.

A toilet paper bandit on the loose

At the top of the weekly crime log sent out this week by Burbank Police Spokesman, Sergeant Robert Quesada, a case involving a reported toilet paper thief. A few days ago a Burbank woman, who lives in the 1100 block of North Sparks Street, spotted a strange man entering her rear garage. The man was wearing a bike helmet, white tank top, and gray shorts.

According to the crime log, “The woman confronted the man who apologized but not before leaving with a plastic bag containing 36 rolls of toilet paper. The man was last seen fleeing eastbound in the alley. Police searched the area but were unable to locate any possible suspect.”

Either that was some kind of prank or folks are getting really desperate in this tough economy.

Running the sprinklers in the rain

I know the rain was unexpected, but even on overcast days — you should probably turn off the automatic sprinklers. I saw some sprinklers spraying like mad over the past couple of wet days.

On East Olive Avenue, in front of Bellarmine-Jefferson High School, the sprinklers were going on both Monday and Tuesday evenings. Oh, and it’s supposed to be illegal in Burbank to run the sprinklers on Monday — rain or shine.  I’m not the water police — but some residents, apartment building owners, and school officials need to make some changes fast!

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