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City Buzz: First official Burbank City Council candidate for 2015

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Burbank has been buzzing for some time about the two city council seats on next year’s election ballot. Several potential candidates have been talking about launching campaigns in 2015 for city council, however, none had officially announced until today.

Burbank Planning Board member/small business owner, Chris Rizzotti, officially announced his candidacy for the city council on MyBurbank today. In his announcement, Rizzotti who’s a life long resident of the city and the owner of Rizzotti Real Estate, says he’s a good fit for the city council: “Nobody will work longer or harder than me to insure that our City remains the standard that other Cities aspire to.”

Burbank City Council member/mayor, Emily Gabel-Luddy and councilman, Gary Bric, both have terms ending in April of 2015. Last December, Gabel-Luddy fired up the rumor mill with an interview in the Tolucan Times, in which she admitted to other political aspirations: “I think Congress needs a lot of help right now… My feet are on the ground; I may have long range and big plans, but I never lose sight of the day-to-day demands and my responsibility to the community.”

On a number of occasions, Councilman Bric has hinted during council meetings that he is serving his last term on the city council. So far, neither Bric nor Gabel-Luddy has made an official announcement about running or not running for re-election.

There are rumblings former councilman, Dave Golonski, might  try to make a comeback  run for a council seat in 2015. Also, there are several former council candidates that are apparently seriously considering running again for a city council seat.

It’s going to be interesting to see who steps up and runs and who bows out of that race.

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