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City Buzz: Letter from irate Magnolia Boulevard merchant

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Photo: FLLewis / Media City G -- One-hour parking sign in 3400 block of Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank October 11, 2014

Photo: FLLewis / Media City G — One hour parking sign in 3400 block of Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank October 11, 2014

Peace in the 3400 block of West Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank has been short-lived. What boiled over last summer as a dispute among the merchants there over parking and The Romancing the Bean restaurant has blown up again.

Over the weekend, Ralph Persinger, who owns Burbank Antiques and Collectibles with his wife Kim, sent Media city Groove a letter about the problems on that troubled block. Here’s the letter.


After all the battles with parking on the 3400 block of W. Magnolia Blvd. we can only do SO much.

I think most of the merchants are sadly adjusting to their decreased revenue due to lack of parking.

My wife was in our store on March 17th when she saw a car keep backing up & and pulling forward (to erase the chalk mark on tires). This is illegal. The car ended up staying in the same spot (one hour parking) for approximately FOUR hours. When my wife went out to get the license number to call it in to parking enforcement, the manager of Romancing The Bean started sarcastically laughing. Then, he yelled out to my wife “You’re an ugly old bitch! The entire block will party when you die! ” This time my wife called the police. Two police cars showed up. My wife filed a police report, then the police visited Romancing The Bean! Can’t anyone see what’s going on here???? Clearly we are being harassed.

The Magnolia Park Merchants Association (M.P.M.A.) is in the middle of an election for new board members. Eight members are running for seven positions. Only one person will be voted down. An enlightened caring group would NOT have an election with eight people running for seven positions.

We have tried to address issues with the City, but they’ve referred us back to M.P.M.A.  Guess who was on the board all year?  YES – That’s right: the owner of  Romancing The Bean, Kerry Krull  whose business has impacted all of us (other business owners on 3400 Magnolia Blvd.) the most.

She not only didn’t jump in to help, she sent out the well-known “THEATENING LETTER” to two merchants on the block accusing us of things which we hadn’t even done or were necessary to do to try to create parking. Also, Kerry sent this letter to THE MAYOR AND EVERYONE AT CITY HALL! Then a M.P.M.A. board member  tried to convince us not to talk about it.This organization did help us get the one hour parking out front even though Kerry Krull confronted my wife with a huge smirk on her face (with another M.P.M.A. with her) when she said “You’re trying to get your little petition signed? You’re not going to get your way!” Then the other member added her two cents and said “Get a life!” Well, my wife has arranged for store owners on the block to sign the petition and the one hour parking signs went up. Kerry followed my wife down the street and told her she was “a loser.” This is a M.P.M.A. Board Member. Very unprofessional of her. We’re all forced to put up with this daily. (This is harassment and a form of bullying!) Now her Manager is following suit with more harassment!

I’m surprised at all the stores who are so turned off and are afraid to speak up. Almost all the M.P.M.A.  meetings are held at Romancing The Bean. This is unbelievable and very upsetting! What are these board members THINKING? They seem to be totally out of touch. I am a proud Burbank resident and business owner. I will not be silenced. How can the fellow M.P.M.A. board members sit quietly and watch the way this board member treats others?

As for the monthly Ladies Night Out event (last Friday of the month) –  I understand that a few businesses do well (financially) on that night. The majority do not at all.  M.P.M.A. please re-think the strategy in planning this night!   I have no problem if some do well and the food trucks come. However, we need more regulation and control! In addition, please respect the fact that this actually impacts sales in our store negatively!
The out for their members only and they don’t ultimately respect all of the other people’s businesses. Their agendas do not help some businesses. In fact, it often causes loss of revenue for others. A small example of their endeavors to try new events on SATURDAYS. This day is very challenging in regards to parking. There is only “ONE” parking enforcement vehicle operating on Saturday for the ENTIRE city of BURBANK! Parking gridlock is up to four hours (or longer!) without fear of being ticketed. We lose sale after sale from inability for our customers to park! Once again, a few people are deciding the fate and destiny for many people’s businesses. If you’re not on “their page,” you’re deemed a trouble-maker.

Many businesses are very upset about all of this activity created by the M.P.M.A. Most are afraid to speak up for fear of retaliation. The city allowed a RESTAURANT on our block with only “TWO” parking spots (please note – one is for “Handicap only” drivers) to set up shop. I was at re-development meetings where the City knew that we were having parking problems on the 3400 block of W. MAGNOLIA BLVD. I heard them turn down a yogurt store on the (S.E.) CORNER of Lima and Magnolia with a huge parking lot – yet Romancing The Bean has been allowed to set up shop and maintain in business. What were they thinking? Now we are left to fight for our businesses.


How could a restaurant with virtually no parking be allowed on a block with a parking crisis also be allowed to have additional seating outside?  There are three tables outside with a dozen chairs equals even more gridlock!I This makes me think it simply comes down to who you know at city hall!!

Are we expected to keep confronting then City about getting our needs met after “TWO  POOR DECISIONS” BY CITY OFFICIALS. first THE RESTAURANT, THEN THE OUTSIDE SEATING! What else can they give this RESTAURANT?

A SOLUTION re ROMANCING THE BEAN : Cancel the outside seating, disconnect the Wi-Fi and check her city license for TAKE-OUT only (limit customers time to 1 hour stay – MAXIMUM)! (That is what the other businesses on the block originally proposed!).




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30 Responses to City Buzz: Letter from irate Magnolia Boulevard merchant

  1. Al in SoCal Tuesday, March 31, 2015 at 9:35 am #

    ** sigh **

    Whether you believe this rendition or any other .. it’s a tired conversation and appears that both sides will never get along.

    I’d say letters without caps and exclamation marks are easier to digest.

    ps: Any professional organization should have a robust candidacy process – caring or not.

  2. Fronnie Wednesday, April 1, 2015 at 11:53 am #


    Ditto sigh. It’s a big disappointment to find out this situation apparently has taken another ugly turn.

  3. Carol Friday, April 3, 2015 at 7:36 pm #

    I was a regular shopper –love the vintage and antique shops. Then parking really became a hassle, until one day, by chance, I came across the parking lot on Lima off of Magnolia. Now I’m back. (The existing signs—which never caught my attention before–should be larger and brighter.)

    It’s a shame that this much tension has risen due to the parking—especially didn’t like reading about the name-calling. I personally know that many store owners have been doing business for a good many years at their same locations and take a lot of pride and enjoyment in that fact, and I don’t think that any kind of problem that consistently affects their ability to do business should be taken lightly. That’s their livelihood and no one should have the right to negatively impact it.

  4. Brice Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 4:59 pm #

    After reading this article…bullies in this day and age, really? I feel for you dude.

    Too bad the business group, Magnolia Park Merchants’ Association, isn’t neutral. If they were, they could probably resolve problems amicably and really help the respective business owners.

  5. DixieFlyer Saturday, April 4, 2015 at 5:54 pm #

    City staff has repeatedly dropped the ball on Magnolia.

    Ken Johnson has Failed to install the pavement marks to designate spaces.

    He posted the No-No signs preventing folks from crossing to the available off-street parking.

    Then took them down.

    Larger signs alerting driver’s of the parking across the street were requested.

    Enforcement is haphazzard of existing timed parking.

    How about NINE tickets on Sunday, two on Friday, NONE on Saturday?

    Longtime merchants are intimidated by the antics of Romancing customers whom are apparently encouraged to by owner & staff to harass.

    City staff created the problem by NOT following the laws, rules & regulations that were designed to avoid this very type of conflict.

    When merchants have sought the assistance of Traffic staff at City Hall they run into the same Ken Johnson.

    The recent antics of Romancing employees reflect the attitude of their Boss.

  6. kim Sunday, April 5, 2015 at 11:40 am #

    Al in So. Cal. Al , did you read the entire article on the Romancing The Beans bullying? You noted this is a tiring conversation. That type of attitude is typical of a bully enabler. What are you even thinking to minimize this type of behavior when a newer business is continually traumatising their neighbors? It’s totally unfair that we have to work under these circumstances.

  7. Ricardo Tuesday, April 7, 2015 at 5:05 pm #

    I cannot believe this entire eposode. Forget romancing the bean as they are just taking too many liberties. More important is that this organization Magnolia Park Merchant Assoc. Is overlooking such begavier and not trying to methodically control anything. I laughed when I read the meetings are at R.T.B during all this. With as much respect as can be given…. “They must be all nuts”! Tell me this article is not for real. I’ve heard of a lot of things in my day but this is outrageous. Surely the members of this organization know this is a serious problem. How many members do they have?

  8. Al in SoCal Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 3:14 pm #

    2 Questions:

    1. Are the people complaining running for a spot in the organization? If not – they should be. Also regarding the organization – do you go to the meetings – do you partake in the commenting and / or suggestion process? What have you done to try to change their behavior. If the answer is “nothing” – then please refrain from complaining.

    2. How much in city re$ources should we allot to patrolling 1 hour parking spots?

    If you want to go forward with a near-constant police presence be prepared for the consequences as in – tickets when people who might be coming to your store do something illegal – jaywalk, illegal u-turn, etc. You do not get to pick and choose who gets a ticket and for what reason.

    While I get that there is bullying – by the looks of the letters, the outrage, etc etc it appears the bullying is in both directions. I’m not a witness to the bullying and can only decide based on letters and opinions – and as we all know there are *always* different sides to a story.

  9. Tom Wednesday, April 8, 2015 at 4:52 pm #


    I can’t believe not one really harsh complaint about the manager of romancing the bean’s behavior. I’m flabbergasted why he still has his job! I’ll never step foot in R.T.B. again. His behavior is so unprofessional & unacceptable! I guess the owner can’t see past her own business agenda to allow her manager to bully a business neighbor and keep his job. I also agree get rid of the tables outside!.. An ex bean patron.

  10. Steve Hammer Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 12:42 pm #

    I witnessed the verbal abuse from R.T.B, Very uncalled for and Unprofessional. I will no longer be giving them my business.

  11. DixieFlyer Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 3:14 pm #

    Folks in Magnolia Park have been most patient during this ongoing soap opera.

    As for the questions posed above, #1 has been addressed from the beginning.

    As for question # 2—Wrongolo!!!

    Parking Control Officers cannot issue Citations for Jaywalking or illegal U-turns.

    Local Business owners have every reason to expect the posted signs to be enforced on a Regular Basis.

    The fact that the enforcement has been “uneven” has contributed to the Mess.

    Lamenting the lack of Fairness cannot equate with charges of Bullying

    The lecturing from alinsocal may appear to be comical to some, but is in no way deserved by those attempting to earn a living in the City of Burbank created mess.

    Better Luck to Ralph and his neighbor’s.

  12. Al in SoCal Friday, April 10, 2015 at 10:39 am #

    “Local Business owners have every reason to expect the posted signs to be enforced on a Regular Basis”

    That’s not what is being expected if you read carefully. What is being requested is near constant patrolling. It’s no surprise that Mike supports the most vocal of the warring sides. What most people do is listen to *both* sides of an issue and comes to a common-sense conclusion – very unlike the Nolan crowd.

    So Mike – are you saying that the BPD traffic cops aren’t allowed to ticket jaywalkers??? I’ll inform them of their newfound limitations dealt by an UNelected, dethroned MWD director.

  13. ralph p. Friday, April 10, 2015 at 5:04 pm #

    Al in So Cal
    Your questions posed seems more than reasonable. This group however, has not been fair and reasonable. After the owner of Romancing the Bean sent out threat letters (full of bragging), we met with a board member. The exact letter full of false accusations was also sent to another merchant on the block.This store owner has never once called parking enforcement and does not call the city to try and resolve a conflict.
    Truth to be told, the owner of Romancing the Bean has no idea who is doing what on the block and slings charges in the air and threatens lawsuits. The city knows that several merchants are very upset.This board member advised us to not have interaction with Romancing the Bean after we voiced our concerns. It was nauseating trying to convince him of the actual circumstances. After our meeting, they continued to have their meetings at Romancing the Bean.

    Well, after these discussions the manager of Romancing the Bean came out to personal ly verbally assult my wife while she was writing down the license number of a car parked in front of our store for over four hours.Can’t anyone see that we are being bullied and intimidated so that Romancing the Bean can do whatever they want?

    As far as your question posed regarding running for office, I have to tell you it would only be to our demise.The one merchant who just ran has a general understanding that the M.P.M.A.needs to have some changes to be inclusive for all.This merchant has been on the Boulevard for a very long time and is well respected by many. She was the only one not voted in last week.Lets remember that only members can vote and outsiders don’t want to be any part of this.

    Bottom Line: Everyone knows this group is a” click”. If you are not of their mindset, your voice and concern’s will be dismissed (at best).

    Al, I realize that your reading of this blog thinking whatever. If you’ve watched this whole experience from the start you would have a different slant or understanding of all of this. Nobody should have to work in this enviroment!

  14. Mike Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 9:34 am #

    Al in SoCal,

    How can you say its a two sided issue? When the lady store owner is out front of her store writing down the licence plate number of a 4 hour parking violator. Then she was verbally assaulted by the manager of Romancing the Bean. She was just trying to keep the parking turnover fair for everyone. The brutal comments by the RTB manager were over the line! How can you defend his rants? Did you take the time to read the entire article before clearly defending the managers bullying? Are you a closet city politician partially responsible for this whole fiasco or are you a friend of the owner of the bean? Where is your since of respect or common sense?


  15. kim Saturday, April 11, 2015 at 12:50 pm #

    Al in So. Ca.
    You’re a hoot! Dixie Flyer mentioned that you might be comical to some but, I don’t get your take on this. Your rampage on police ticketing jay walkers and u-turns has nothing to do with this situation.

    Your comment on 2 sides to a story is always appropriate but, if you did a little more research , I think you’d find too many merchants telling the exact story
    (if they dare say it out loud).

    Also Al, speaking of bullies, out of the entire block only one business has bully behavior. We’re handling this by addressing it direct.

    I don’t think it’s a good forum for you to go at Dixie Flyer when we’re trying to reach out for help.

  16. Audra Sunday, April 12, 2015 at 12:40 pm #

    This article caught my interest because of the rude way I was treated by the personnel in Romancing the Bean last summer.

    After being around, I discovered that the Magnolia Park Merchants Association’s president is very young, inexperienced and worst of all, very tight with the owner of Romancing the Bean. The fact that she had the meetings at Romancing the Bean after all this tension is very disturbing. This in and of itself reveals why this problem has become huge sounds like gross disrespect for a bunch of merchants who have been treated poorly. No wonder everything is out of control down there.

    First of all, don’t have meetings in hostile territory
    Second: Don’t be surprised if you’ve permanently lost some community support.
    And to Al in SoCal, did mommy not give you enough attention?

  17. Al in SoCal Tuesday, April 14, 2015 at 11:30 pm #


    Mom gave me plenty of attention and learned how to see both sides of issues w/o resorting to childish attacks, apparently yours did not.

    That said – this is a first mention “The fact that she had the meetings at Romancing the Bean after all this tension is very disturbing.” — See this is what we call a fact that goes unmentioned in the blurbs above. You’re right – they shouldn’t have the meeting there.

    Facts are what is important … it’s how reasonable people form opinions. =)

  18. Laree Adel Sunday, April 19, 2015 at 12:07 pm #

    The parking dispute on this block was not handled properly from start to finish. People from other businesses actually block cars in my lot and/or use the parking while they go to other businesses. At first I tried to handle it by going into the restaurant to find the owner as I’m not one to call parking enforcement. My efforts were not appreciated. I am one of the merchants who was threatened with a lawsuit by Romancing the Bean. I personally have been accused of doing many things which I have not even been part of. I am willing to have city and police records reviewed if necessary.
    As for Magnolia Park Merchant’s Association, I will no longer be a member. I will no longer be put in a position of defending myself. This block is not the place to have meetings. Surely all of you understand that. Personally, I feel that anyone on this block involved in this dispute cannot be unbiased and effectively serve on the board.

  19. Alison P. Tuesday, April 21, 2015 at 8:11 pm #

    Where is the merchant association President hiding while people are complaining about issues within her own organization? And the new Board of Directors? They seem be out of the loop totally or biased preferring silence to a decent reply! After reading all the messages I believe that the truth is somewhere in the middle, but I am still shocked that no one had the decency to reply and prefer to cowardly keep a low profile. Now I understand why some merchants refuse to become members and while others such as Laree decided to quite the association. To me, not being directly involved it seems that this whole association fees are wasted and those who lead the association including the Board should be ashamed of themselves. This entire situation should be reviewed by the Burbank City Council and the association should be dissolved.

  20. TONY Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at 8:13 pm #

    it appears magnolia park merchants associations alliance with kerry krull (former board member) has proved to be detrimental. this is obviously a buddy system rather than a professional organization. this should have never been allowed. i witnessed kerry’s behavior in front of the a.r.a. printing standing next to a former city council candidate at the time. she was maniacal.


    1. when did magnolia park merchants association start to address this issue?
    2. it appears that merchants were blown-off. did you guys know there was a problem?
    3. when did you find out?
    4. what did you do about it?
    5. did it sink in about having the meetings at romancing the bean while people were sensitive about attending meetings being held at romancing the bean?
    6. did you all agree that this is okay?
    my children in elementary school could of handled this better!

  21. Adrian Danescu Saturday, April 25, 2015 at 10:10 pm #


    I was recently elected to the Board of Directors and I must say that the new Board is fully committed to address all the above issues in our next meeting scheduled for April 29, 2015. During the meeting we will work to implement few changes and prioritize the rest of the issues. We understand that many of you who expressed concerns above or are just reading the blog think that the association is not doing anything about your complaints but I assure you that we have been working hard in trying to respond to some of your concerns as well as changing the perception. There is no way for us to make changes overnight but be assured that after our Board meeting next week, we will reply to some of the issues you raised and take some major steps towards improving our image. Please give us couple of months , have a bit of patience and you will be pleased with our changes.
    I am also urging all members of the association and non-members to join us at the next association meeting to get to know each other, give us your feedback, question the Board and we will reply in an unbiased way and prove you all that we listen to you and want you all to be part of MPMA.


  22. Fronnie Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 8:52 pm #


    You’re one of the merchants with a business in the contentious 34 hundred block of Magnolia Boulevard. I commend you for taking action — getting involved in the Magnolia Park Merchants Association — and now working to bring about changes and improvements to make the organization more inclusive.

    Those merchants with their long list of complaints should take you up on the offer to attend next Wednesday’s MPMA meeting. Come on people — be part of the solution — don’t just sit on the sidelines complaining about the problems.

    Adrian, keep Media City Groove updated on the outcome of the meeting and the planned changes by the association.

  23. Neill Jay (Mister Vintage) Monday, April 27, 2015 at 6:43 pm #

    I ran Mister Vintage collectables across the street from all the parking mavins and that is not my concern. I found if a customer wants to shop they will find a parking spot.i.e Portos!!! My questions Is this. name one thing this association has even done for any business here on magnolia park? I know the one thing it did for ashley it gave her a great paying job to hang no parking signs up once a month for Food Truck Night Out , i mean Ladies Night out. And that one night a month has done little for us other than to make the landlords think we are cashing in big and to raise our rents 20 to 60 percent. I always said if you park you truck in fron of my shop i should get 10 percent of your take. These trucks come in to magnolia park and make $ 800 to $5000 in 5 hours and we sit here with our empty registers.

  24. Fronnie Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 10:15 am #


    If you want the association to work for you — getting involved is your first step. Clearly, from the estimates you give on the food truck profits — people are turning out for “Ladies Night Out.” It’s up to you and the other merchants who share this complaint — to come up with ways to make money on that night — or come up with some kind of alternatives that will increase your profits.

    Attending the association’s meeting tomorrow night, for members and non-members, is a good place to start.

  25. Mag Park Reader Tuesday, April 28, 2015 at 6:56 pm #

    You’re missing the point here, Fronnie.

    Mr Vintage went belly up over a month ago, obviously due to a rent increase brought on by the wrong-headed shenanigans of this hillside wondergirl Ashley.

    Her “vision” for Magnolia Park has been disastrous. Unless you’re selling food. Or coffee.

    Re-read the comment.

    The zombie stroll of odious hipsters this ridiculous “re-branding” has visited upon Burbank STINKS out loud.

  26. Fronnie Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 1:06 am #

    Mag Reader,

    You know, I got that impression from the first line of his comment “I ran ” past tense. However, I was not sure because there were quite a few typos in his comments. I have heard his same complaints from other merchants — blaming their lack of profits on the changes taking place on Magnolia Boulevard such as “Ladies Night Out.”

    I’ve been to the event several times. It’s only ONE night a month for a few hours. I have seen more positives than negatives attached to “Ladies Night Out.” By the way, “Ladies Night Out” was started back in 2010 by the Magnolia Boulevard women’s clothing shop Encore Nouveau. Over the years, other local businesses and shops have joined in.

    Whether you blame Ashley Erikson or not, Magnolia Boulevard is changing — that’s progress, which is painful for some and profitable for others.

    I know some merchants who are getting involved in the Magnolia Park Merchants Association because they want to re-shape the image and the “re-branding” of Magnolia Park to benefit more of the shop and business owners. I think these merchants are wise to get involved and not just complain and watch their rents go up.

  27. Fronnie Wednesday, April 29, 2015 at 1:01 pm #


    Update on tonight’s Magnolia Park Merchants Association meeting. Tonight’s meeting is for board members ONLY. Adrian Danescu, a member of the Board of Directors, told me in an email that “a number of issues” need to be discussed. No word yet, on when the open meeting for members and non-members will be.

  28. MPMA Board 2015-2016 Friday, May 1, 2015 at 2:50 pm #

    Friends and Merchants of the Magnolia Park Community:

    The newly elected Board of Directors of the Magnolia Park Merchants Association (MPMA) would like to address the frustrations recently aired in a letter to the Media City Groove blog by a merchant on the 3400 block of Magnolia Blvd.

    In short, the letter was concerning MPMA’s handling of parking disputes on the 3400 block of Magnolia Blvd. Last year, both MPMA and non-MPMA members on the block began noticing a change in customers’ parking habits that neighbors believed were due to activity at Romancing the Bean. At the time the dispute started, parking on the block was two hour and the impacted merchants on the block were seeking one-hour restricted parking. In support of the merchants on that block, the MPMA Board voted to take a survey of the businesses on the north side of the 3400 block of Magnolia Blvd. 11 out of the 13 businesses surveyed on that block voted in favor of one hour parking. The MPMA Board recommended to the Traffic Commission and the City Council that parking be limited to one hour. The MPMA Board still supports the one hour parking and believe that it should be enforced.

    In light of the allegations listed on this blog, the MPMA Board believes that all merchants should behave in a professional manner, and that bullying has no place in Magnolia Park. The MPMA Board would also like to communicate that it’s main interest trying to resolve the parking issue was to try and bring peace to the block. We are hoping that the newly elected Board can make a fresh start and move forward in a positive direction.

    MPMA will continue to listen to all of the merchants on the 3400 block of Magnolia Blvd. The new Board has used these recent events as a catalyst to establish an agenda to review board member guidelines, to clearly define its role in parking and other inter-merchant issues.Most importantly, the board intends to keep the focus on our most valued constituency: Magnolia Park merchants and their valued customers.

    The New MPMA Board would like to apologize to the merchants of the 3400 Block of Magnolia Blvd for any missteps of the past.

    In reference to our President : We would like to state that although our President had no experience running a board prior to serving in this position, her experience in marketing, social media, writing, design, branding and leadership is what helped guide and build the MPMA through the first year. She saw the need and potential for an association and founded the association in order to bring merchants together and create unity within the community. The creation of this association also helped bring more recognition from the city and local government.

    In reference to where the MPMA holds its meetings : The new MPMA Board has been actively looking for a new location in which to hold our merchant meetings. The biggest challenge has simply been a matter of space. Where there are 40-60 people in attendance at our meetings, there are not a lot of businesses that can seat that many people. We believe that we have found a new location and will be holding our meetings there from now on if we can.

    Some of the items on the new MPMA Boards agenda for 2015 are the following

    • Meeting with member and non-member merchants before our Board Meeting to address any concerns
    • Review of roles and responsibilities of the Board and fellow Merchants
    • Strategy and Marketing
    • Budgeting
    • Running any MPMA events as efficiently at possible.

    The MPMA Board would like to thank Media City Groove for posting this letter, and is looking forward to a prosperous 2015 for all merchants.


    The 2015-2016 MPMA Board.

  29. Former Shopper Saturday, May 9, 2015 at 12:24 pm #

    New to all this. I’m a Magnolia shopper. Have been since 1989.

    A lot of you seem upset. I don’t doubt this woman whose letter is in Italics feels harassed, but all the all caps moments in her letter, copious exclamation points and gratuitous usage of “we” and “us” in her letter looks like hysteria. When ever I see a letter that looks like hers, I roll my eyes and pretty much ignore everything else I am about to read in it.

    All that we and us is called target spreading. It looks like she is trying to globalize a personal dispute between herself and another merchant she dislikes and who clearly returns the favor into a larger, broader dispute to try to rally other merchants into joining her in a poo flinging fest against her target.

    In short, she wants to make a problem that is just hers into all of your, shared, problem. It isn’t. She’s scared the Romancing merchant has more influence and power than she has and is resorting to dirty tactics and manipulation to try to recruit every seller on the boulevard into her personal army to “yeah, join me and let’s get ‘er”. That’s called bullying too. On an online forum it would get her banned, and it should on Magnolia.

    Both merchants are the problem, anyone with a brain can tell after reading all of this here. If you don’t like a vending space, move out. Vote with your pocket books. That sends a clear message. But instead you all seem content to spread your ugliness here… a very bad advertisement for your shops and wares… to me they smell like skunk now and I will think of it every time in the future I shop there. In fact, maybe I need to stop. Here is why.

    I’m not a merchant. I’m a long time Burbank/Magnolia shopper saddened by reading all this childish squabbling. You guys are acting like children yet want to charge us the sun and the moon for stuff we could easily get over in Pasadena and for less. Good grief. Get a hold on yourselves and start acting like adults. The stuff I am reading here is plain loco.

    And for the record Mr. Vintage did not go belly up because of anything happening on Magnolia. Mr. Vintage went up because he over charges, and takes advantage of sellers (buys your antiques for pennies then flips them at 5000% mark up to his own customers – do you think we do not know, Neil) and the vintage shopping community became wise to these tactics and shunned him.

    It had nothing to do with street parking. It has everything to do with being an open and obvious crook in a small community where Sellers and Shoppers Talk. Poor shopkeeper conduct put nasty Neil out of business and nothing more. He’s a crook, okay? That’s what sunk him – and it will sink anybody else who continually does this. Vintage is a small tight knit community. Shoppers are often also sellers and viseversa. Screw one of us you screw us all. And then people are gonna talk. And we did. And Neil lost.

    Magnolia’s deteriorated anyway parking or not. To me, the bs started once Halloween Town moved in. Everything on that avenue changed after that. Frankly, I’ll shop at none of you any more after reading all this nonsense…

    Taking my shopping online and to Pasadena from here on. You see, unlike merchants, we shoppers know how to vote against bad conduct. We take our pocket books and we leave.

    Have fun squabbling and sort this one yourselves.

  30. slimjim Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at 10:17 pm #

    to Former Shopper

    This blog caught my attention solely because I’m also a shopper on the Blvd. It’s extremely difficult to find a parking spot down their anymore. You can think what you want, but when I can’t find a parking spot I keep on driving.

    Romancing The Bean obviously has been played a favorite by the city & they are throwing their weight around. One store apparently has the nerve to stand up to it and they’re getting bullied to stop.

    That’s the sum of it apparently.

    P.S. Burbank prices are better than Pasadena !

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