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City Life: Dealing with traffic congestion

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While this post is not about Burbank per se — it touches on a problem Burbankers complain about a lot. Probably every city in California is affected by some forum of traffic congestion.  If you travel Coldwater Canyon Avenue here in the San Fernando Valley, plan on a two hour delay. The reason: construction. It seems this avenue is always under some kind of construction.

I feel a lot of compassion for those motorists driving this major connection, from the Valley to the Westside, on a daily basis. This two miles or so stretch reportedly will be virtually shut down most of the day, Monday through Saturday, and only one lane open in each direction at night and on Sundays. This detour will most likely prompt many motorists to seek out alternate routes like Laurel Canyon and Beverly Glen — aggravating the traffic situation those boulevards.

My understanding is Coldwater Canyon will be closed now through April, 25, 2013 for construction to replace a nearly 100-year-old water pipe. Upon the completion of the reported $62-million project all should be returned to normal, whatever that means.

In the good old days, getting across town by heading over the hill used to take fifteen or twenty minutes. Now, it is thirty to forty minutes or more to drive the same distance. So many cars going in every direction, all at the same time. One would think with all the people out of work there would be less traffic.Not so, maybe it’s because so many people are out trying to find employment.

For the most part many drivers are patient and cope with it all. On the other hand some lose it! They become angry, impatient using expletive-laden language and are often late for work or whatever, despite being in a big hurry.

The unfortunate part of this,  those driving too fast tend to follow too closely behind the car in front. That’s a no-no. Also, try to be considerate… one mistake, or misused  of a cell-phone, you know the dialing and texting stuff, could tragically change your whole life and that of some other people on the road.

Bottom line, please be cautious and obey the rules. Traffic congestion is a pain for everyone, but an unfortunate accident makes a bad situation worse. So drive with care.

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