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Community Views and Letters: What Happened To Burbank?

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This city council has become judge, jury, dictator, permit  dept., mastering water and power rate hikes: CONTROL” is the agenda.

My departure from Mexico to raise my family in a free environment — with good schools and parks and to enjoy the beautiful family life we all hope to have, is why we came to Burbank.

And now…..

we are being told what to do and not to do. Burbank is showing all the signs of being used as an example of how socialism works. Hacking away at our freedom, raising utilities, over building, machine -employees-instead of people. WE NEED NEW BLOOD ON THIS COUNCIL !

Refugio Cortes
American citizen and taxpayer




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One Response to Community Views and Letters: What Happened To Burbank?

  1. Al in SoCal Tuesday, November 13, 2012 at 10:33 pm #

    Would be a much better read if any of us knew what he was talking about – specifically? Is this just a generalized rant about ordinances and fee hikes?

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