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Controversial Hobby Lobby is opening a Burbank store

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Photo: FLLewis/ Media City G -- Former OSH site at 641 North Victory Boulevard in Burbank is new home of a Hobby Lobby store

Photo: FLLewis/ Media City G — Former OSH site at 641 North Victory Boulevard in Burbank is new home of a Hobby Lobby store April 1, 2014

Controversial Hobby Lobby is opening a Burbank store in a few weeks. The giant retailer is renovating the site of the recently closed Orchard Supply Hardware at 641 North Victory Boulevard. The family owner company has more than 500 stores nationwide and claims to offer more than 60-thousand crafting and  home decor products. Also, Hobby Lobby admits to mingling the religious beliefs of the co-founders, David and Barbara Green, with its business practices A decision that has resulted in the company bringing a case before the U.S. Supreme Court and facing the scrutiny of several media outlets.

U.S. Supreme Court case:

Hobby Lobby wants the high court to allow it to opt out of providing its employees with health benefits for certain birth control methods as required under Obamacare. The Oklahoma-based chain owners are arguing for an exemption because of their faith. The Green family  members are devote Southern Baptists. The Greens are against providing drugs or devices they say have the potential to terminate life after conception. They’re talking about the IUD and emergency conception like Plan B.

Yet, there is a degree of hypocrisy in Hobby Lobby’s position. Earlier this month,  Mother Jones reported “Hobby Lobby’s 401(k) employee retirement plan holds $73 million in mutual funds that invest in multiple pharmaceutical companies that produce emergency contraceptive pills, intrauterine devices, and abortion-inducing medications.” The story was picked up by The Huffington Post and The Washington Post . So far, Hobby Lobby has not responded to these reports about the apparent contradiction.

Bible curriculum for students:

Meanwhile Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby, is promoting a Bible course he developed for public schools. Recently, the school board in Mustang, Oklahoma agreed to test for one year Green’s Bible curriculum.   Jerry Pattengale, head of the Green Scholars Initiative, says the goal is to get the Bible program into “thousands” of high schools by 2017.

“We feel that we can bring a very unique shopping experience to the area,” Hobby Lobby spokesman, Vincent Parker, is quoted as saying in a Burbank Leader article. “We are looking forward to becoming part of the community.”

“It provides a Michael’s-like store but with added features that Michael’s doesn’t offer. It should be a good complement to the city,” Joy Forbes, community development director for Burbank, said in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.

Hobby Lobby reportedly plans to fill 35-40 positions locally. The Burbank store is scheduled to open in June.

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7 Responses to Controversial Hobby Lobby is opening a Burbank store

  1. Frank R. Sunday, June 15, 2014 at 12:49 pm #

    I am quite happy that Hobby Lobby is coming to Burbank. They will be providing a few needed jobs to the city and are a basic wholesome company. Better them than more of the porno sites that are all over the valley that nobody complains about.

  2. Taylor Monday, June 30, 2014 at 12:30 pm #

    This cannot stand. We don’t want this kind of bigotry or science denial.

  3. Paul Paradiso Monday, June 30, 2014 at 3:35 pm #

    CONGRATULATIONS BURBANK! The jobs that will be supplied to women by the new Hobby Lobby, going in at the old OSH location, will deny them access to ‘quality, affordable healthcare.’ I hope you will welcome the new misogynist employers with open arms (and closed legs).

    before anyone starts spouting “religious rights” at me, i’ll take a stab in the dark and guess you’re also one of the same people espousing “less government in our lives.” so, tell me, which is it? you can’t have both.

    if i had a vagina, i’d be pissed off and scared, because you can bet the five MEN who decided this won’t stop there. ALSO, if i had a vagina, i’d probably be a woman and not a man.

    and to the comment above, no one FORCES YOU to watch or make porn. that’s up to you, whether you choose to or not. YOUR CHOICE. YOUR RIGHT. not quite the same as being denied medical coverage because you have a vagina and might not want to get pregnant. apples and oranges, really.

  4. Patricia Koehnen Monday, June 30, 2014 at 8:37 pm #

    Hobby Lobby does not belong in Burbank

  5. Diane whipple Saturday, July 5, 2014 at 8:33 pm #

    Get this store out of Burbank.

  6. S Hobert Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 1:42 am #

    Another Company operating “for profit” that espouses hatred and bigotry in an Equality State. It amazes me how Pius some people/groups are, all this judgment and hatred in the name of God and the Bible, really makes you feel warm and fuzzy and run to Church on Sunday, nice group of people own this Company, so what’s the problem they make millions and argue in court that a Company is a person and should be able to deny their insureds, contraceptives, because it is not something they believe in. What’s next? Seriously, what is next? Everyone from every walk of life should be concerned, they may choose to label you as the anti-Christ.
    Protest, strike, picket, word of mouth, social responsibility, it’s time.

  7. Kathy Benson Sunday, July 6, 2014 at 2:52 pm #

    Happy to see Hobby Lobby come into Burbank! We need a more ethical influence in this town! There are so many people in this area that we, in the legal community, have found to be cheaters in business and just plain dishonest people, thinking only of themselves.

    President Adams said this Constitutional form of government can ONLY survive within a Christian-valued society. We’re tired of degraded people trying to bring down our community. Honest people have rights too!! Welcome Hobby Lobby! Looking forward to having you as our neighbor!

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